Why does my guinea pigs eye look blue?

Adult Guinea Pig It could be a hay poke as when the eye forms an ulcer it can look blue. If it has come on suddenly I think it is more likely that. I would get her seen but I think it can wait until the morning. She will need some eye drops and pain relief.

Are guinea pigs eyes supposed to be blue?

Guinea pigs normally keep their eyes open all the time, even when sleeping. Eye Color Guinea pig eyes come in a variety of colors. Breeders identify these colors as dark, dark with a ruby cast, and pink. Dark eyes can be further described as brown, black, or blue.

How do you know if guinea pigs are blind?

How do you know your guinea pig is blind? If your guinea pig is blind, you may notice that they don’t react normally when they approach their cage. You may also notice that your pig is walking into obstacles in the cage or is having trouble finding the entrance of their pigloo.

Why does my guinea pig Have Blue Eyes?

According to Guinea lynx http://www.guinealynx.info/eyes.html guinea pigs can have blue eyes. If she’s acting normally it could just be her eye colour. Could we have a picture? If it has come on very suddenly from one day to another, it sounds like an eye infection caused by a poke or a scratch or something stuck under the eyelid.

How can you tell if a guinea pig has an allergy?

Respiratory problems, whether an allergy or infection, can affect your guinea pig’s eyes. For example, you may notice a discharge coming from his eyes. This discharge may be yellow or green if he has an infection. Your guinea pig’s eyes may look crusty from the discharge. His eyes may also look red.

When to worry about your guinea pig’s eyes?

If your guinea pig is unwell, it will definitely show through his eyes. If they appear to be excessively watery, crusty, or cloudy, you should be on the alert. If his eyes protrude a little more than they normally do or if they appear to be receding, his health could be off. Ulcerated eyes most definitely are a warning sign.

How can I tell if my guinea pig’s nose is blocked?

An easy test to see if there is a blocked nasal-lacrimal duct is to use a fluorescein eye stain and wait to see if it leaks out of your guinea pig’s nose. Normal ducts flow through the nose and allow drainage from the eyes but if that duct is blocked or clogged, excessive drainage will occur from the eye.

How can you tell if a guinea pig is going blind?

Answered in 9 minutes by: If a guinea pig is going blind, some typical signs would be a white film over her eye(s), or white dots. You may also notice some discoloration over her eye(s), and they may leak somewhat. She may also appear to have obvious trouble seeing, which could cause her to be off balance until she adjusts.

Why are certain colors more common in guinea pigs?

While genes are supplied by each parent, certain traits are more likely to be passed on from one guinea pig to the next. These traits are called ‘dominant’. Dominant traits can influence everything from guinea pig eye color, to hair length, to pigmentation. This is one reason why certain hair colors are more common,…

What kind of eye condition does a guinea pig have?

These white guinea pigs are known as “lethals”. They may also have disorders of the digestive system and the animal may be missing one or more teeth. In a roan X roan or dalmatian X dalmatian mating, there is a one in four chance of breeding a lethal. Severely affected guinea pigs will die.

What kind of guinea pig is white with dark spots?

Dalmatian patterns are rare as well. Dalmatian guinea pigs have a very similar pattern to canines with the same name. Basically, the animal is white with dark spots. Two guinea pigs with the dalmatian coloring need to breed to produce offspring with the same pattern.