Why does my hamster chew on his cage?

Hamsters love to chew, so provide something good to chew on, to remove the temptation of the cage bars. Hamsters’ teeth are constantly growing, and they need hard food and wooden chews in order to keep these teeth down to size. The cage bars are often a last resort, if there’s nothing else to chew on.

Is it bad for a hamster to chew on a cage?

While chewing is good, chewing metal cage bars is bad for your furry friend. Check out our latest video! That’s because metal bars are harsh, and gnawing at them can cause damage to a hamster’s teeth, including broken and misaligned teeth. Pressing their face up close against the cage can also lead to the development of bald patches and sores.

What can I use to stop my hamster from chewing the bars?

Instead of using oil, you can pop to the pet shop and buy a bitter apple spray. When spraying it on the bars, remove your hamster from the cage, use cardboard to cover the inside of the cage to avoid spraying all over the cage. Don’t spray on the bedding, toys, water bowl, or anything apart from the cage.

What kind of cage should I get for my hamster?

This all-metal wire frame is powder-coated, which makes for easier cleaning and may result in less chewing. Small hamsters will love all the extra accessories that this cage comes with, including tunnels and a “penthouse”. At more than 600 square inches, this cage gives your hamster plenty of room to exercise and play.

Can a hamster bite through a metal cage?

Even the most nervous hamster will be unlikely to be able to bite through metal bars. The bars are made of stronger stuff, so in the battle of materials, it is the hamster’s teeth which will likely wear out first. However, if the metal bars of a cage have been worn or stressed, then it is possible.

How can I get my hamster to stop chewing on the cage?

The good news is that you can take a few simple steps to encourage your hamster to stop chewing on their cage. The most obvious step is to give your pet something more appropriate to chew on. But what else can hamsters chew on? There are a wide range of hamster chew toys available that are specially designed for gnawing hamsters.

What do you need in a hamster cage?

It includes a water bottle, wheel, food dish, and a hammock for your hamster. This hamster cage is designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet. It includes a water bottle, wheel, f…

Why do hamsters bite and chew on cage bars?

Finally, you may be wondering why your hamster always seems to chew their cage at night. This is because hamsters are nocturnal animals, so they prefer to sleep in the day and are most active at night. Is Biting the Cage Bad for My Hamster?

Can a hamster chew on a tree branch?

Hamsters can chew on wood or a tree branch, but if you are bringing wood or tree branch from outside, they might be carrying insects or unsanitary organisms that can harm your hamster or infect the hamster cage.

Can hamsters bite through metal bars?

Although hamsters are meant to chew things, metal bars are far from ideal chew toys! Chewing the metal bars of their cage can damage your hamsters teeth and cause them to become misaligned. Misaligned teeth will need regular trimming and, if left untreated, could even grow up into your hamsters brain and kill them!