Why does my hamster have skin sores?

Inflammatory Lesions in Hamsters Skin abscesses are essentially infected pockets of pus under the skin. In hamsters, they are usually caused by bacterial infections from wounds received during fights with cage mates or from injuries caused by sharp objects found in the cage such as wood shavings.

What kind of disease does a hamster have?

Several types of skin diseases, such as mites and ringworm, can affect pet hamsters. Most of these skin diseases are caused by parasites or an infection. Skin disease can make a hamster feel very uncomfortable.

What happens when a hamster loses its fur?

As the skin becomes damaged, this can lead to loss of fur and can be very stressful for the hamster. Once the hair has fallen out, the skin will likely develop scabs and legions on their skin. Eczema can also be found, presenting with flaky dry skin. You may see some fluid or even blood develop on the damaged skin.

What causes a hamster to have dry skin?

Skin problems in hamsters. The most likely cause of a skin problem in a hamster is most often a parasitic infestation. But other causes might be Fleas, Mites, Bugs, Ringworm Dermatitis Hamsters that are advancing into old age may also show signs of a dry scaly skin, this may be accompanied by fur loss that may become itchy,…

How to treat skin disease in hamsters over the counter?

Anti-mite sprays are available as an over-the-counter treatment. Talk with your vet before using an over-the-counter medication on your hamster. A whole body dip is recommended for severe mite infestations. This dip would be with a medicated bath product containing ivermectin. Your vet would explain how to perform this dip at home.

Can hamsters really cause diseases?

Tyzzer’s Disease in Hamsters. Tyzzer’s disease is an infection caused by the bacteria Clostridium piliforme. Often found in young or stressed hamsters, the bacteria affects the digestive system and causes severe abdominal pain and watery diarrhea.

What are the diseases of hamsters?

  • Skin Diseases And Abscesses. Common causes of skin diseases in hamsters are mite infestations and ringworm.
  • Hair Loss. Hair loss in hamsters occurs for many reasons.
  • Scent Glands.
  • Digestive Problems.
  • Respiratory Infections.
  • Diabetes.
  • Teeth Problems.
  • Aging Hamsters.

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