Why does my hamster keep wobbling?

The vestibular system is the mechanism within the inner ear and brain that helps mammals – including us – keep balance. A hamster suffering such a condition will tilt its head to one side and wobble as it walks. Ear infections can usually be treated by a vet with a course of antibiotics.

What happens when a hamster has a seizure?

Identification. Hamster seizures can be as mild as walking around with a head tilt or walking around in small circles. A hamster that is having trouble walking, collapses or falls on its back may be experiencing a seizure.

What causes stress and nervousness in a hamster?

Stress and nervousness in hamsters can be caused by several different factors. These factors depend on the hamster’s personality, the environment in which they live in or the care provided by its guardian.

What causes excessive salivation in a stressed hamster?

Excessive salivation. Stress, fear, anxiety and nervousness interfere with the production of saliva. A stressed hamster could suffer from excessive salivation as a physical response to body tension.

How to know if your hamster is sick or injured?

It might also cower or get nippy as it might feel vulnerable when it is sick or injured. Of course, if your hamster is new, it might be a bit shy until it gets familiar with being handled. The CDC offers advice on how you and your hamsters can stay healthy.

Why is my hamster shaking in her sleep?

Shaking, cold, weak and tilting hamster… I noticed that today my hamster, Oreo, was very lethargic and did not respond much to noises in her sleep, as she usually does. At 6:00, she usually wakes up, but she was still sleeping.

Why does my hamster make a noise when she has a seizure?

The posture you are seeing is what hamsters do when they are startled or frightened. They often make a noise along with it, in hopes of chasing off whatever the threat may be. Seizures can take many forms, and your hamster could be having a seizure that causes her to do this.

Is it normal for a hamster to freeze and shake?

If you’ve ever seen your hamster frozen and shaking, then it’s natural to wonder if this is normal behavior or not. Even though it can seem like a strange behavior it’s usually very normal for them to do this. Hamsters can freeze and shake a lot especially when something really scares them.

Why is my hamster rocking back and forth?

Make sure you’re giving your pet foods containing enough vitamin C, as well as all the other nutrients your pet needs. Strokes – if your hamster is rocking backwards and forwards when it’s sitting down, or is swaying as it walks, then your hamster may have suffered a stroke. Some damage caused by strokes can heal, but some is permanent.

Why is my hamster chattering?

What do your hamster’s sounds mean? Chattering: Chattering – when your hamster grinds their teeth together – is often heard when your pet is feeling irritated or needs some space. It can also be a warning sign that they are about to bite!

What does it mean when your hamster is biting its cage?

Boredom – If there aren’t enough toys to play with or chew on, a hamster may begin bar chewing due to boredom. Hamsters need mental and physical stimulation just like other pets and if they are isolated to a small, rectangular cage with nothing to do they could resort to this activity.