Why does my rat have red stuff in his eyes?

Why does my rat have red stuff in his eyes?

When rats experience stress, they may release a red fluid from a gland behind their eyes. This will often occur if they experience illness or injury. Look for this liquid, which resembles blood, around your pet’s nose and eyes. Look into other possible causes of your rat’s stress, such as a conflict with another rat in its cage.

How can you tell if a rat has a respiratory infection?

Look for a reddish discharge around your rat’s eyes and nose. This discharge is called porphyrin and, while it does look a little like blood, it’s a different substance altogether. If your rat’s eyes and nose are discharging more porphyrin than usual, it’s a good sign that your rat has a respiratory infection.

When to take your rat to the vet for choking?

If choking or gagging persists for more than 6 hours, take your rat to the vet. There may be an object lodged in the throat too big to pass down, or there might be a tumor or some other problem. Sometimes respiratory disease can cause gagging and choking due to swelling of the airway and/or too much mucus.

How can you tell if a pet rat has skin mites?

If your pet rat scratches repeatedly at a specific part of its body, or if you see red, sore-looking areas on the rat’s skin, it most likely has skin mites. Mites are often visible to the naked eye. They look like tiny white dots on the rat’s fur and skin, and are most often visible on the rats’ shoulders and face. [2]

Why is my rat bleeding from her eye?

Rat bleeding from eye. It started about 4-5 weeks ago when I noticed my girl was bleeding from her eye and was having trouble opening it. I took her to the vets is a knew this was not normal and was not the normal pinky discharge they get sometimes.

Do you know if your vet sees a lot of rats?

However, this is not common in a rat under a year of age. Another possibility is that there is some damage in the spinal cord. Your vet should be able to determine this by doing some neurological tests on her. If this is the case she may respond to steroids but it may be something that is not fixable. Do you know if your vet sees a lot of rats?

Are there any breathing problems in pet rats?

The first is for tumors (usually mammary) and the second is breathing problems. Both can be quite serious, but breathing issues are usually more acute and require a quick approach to treatment. Rats’ respiratory systems are delicate and easily irritated, so keeping a clean enclosure is especially important.

What kind of disease does a pet rat have?

Viral Infections. There are some viral infections that are more common with pet rats, including Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM) and Seoul virus. LCM is a rare viral disease. It’s transmitted through the urine, feces, saliva, or other cage materials of rats (and other rodents).