Why does my red eared slider float sideways?

Usually, turtles will flip over because they fell off something, or because the water is too shallow. Most of the time, turtles can flip themselves back over. In this article, I will quickly teach you why turtles get respiratory infections, their symptoms, what you can do to treat them and how to prevent them.

What does it mean when your red eared slider won’t eat?

Change Of Environment It’s pretty normal for baby red-eared slider turtles to stop eating if they changed their usual environment. If you just bought your turtle, there is nothing you need to worry about. It’s probably stressed out. Once it gets accustomed to its new home, it will start to eat again.

Why are my red eared sliders not eating?

Turtles are shy and they wont eat when you change their place, it takes time till they get used to it and its 100% normal that your turtle didnt eat because he/she is not used to the new habbitat. it takes 1-2 weeks till they start eating

What to feed a baby red ear slider turtle?

Tried a variety of food. Hello, I brought home a new baby red eared slider turtle into my 75 gallon fish tank that has four tin foil barbs and a few other small fish, around 5 days ago. I created a basking platform too.

How big of a tank do you need for a red eared slider?

Your turtle is ready to have a bigger one. By the time she is a year or two older, she’ll need a 60 gallon tank.You want the water to be at least twice as deep as the turtle is long. If the turtle is two inches long, you’ll want four inches of water.

How to treat red ear slider turtle eye infection?

The swollen eyes, the floating and clicking all are symptoms. There is no at home treatment, and this can only get worse. You can treat the eyes with some Saline eye drops without presevatives, as the turtle eye drops are worthless, and this is an infection that will need to be treated with an antibiotic.