Why does my tortoise rub his face?

It could be that the water needs a conditioner to remove chlorine, or it could be that too much conditioner has been used, or something else! At the extreme, eye problems can be a symptom of a real illness. my turtles rub their heads too. I think it helps them slough off skin when they are shedding.

How big do sulcata tortoise hatchlings get to be?

Sulcata tortoises can also often be adopted from rescues or from families that are unable to care for a giant tortoise any longer. Female sulcata tortoise. Sulcata tortoise hatchlings measure approximately 1½ to 2 inches in carapace length.

Why do Sulcata tortoises have tears in their eyes?

The sulcata has been called “the crying tortoise” because it sometimes has tears or bubbles in its eyes. It might just be that his substrate is too dry. You say you use soil, calcium and grass as substrate. If you use the calci-sand, I would remove that part. It sometimes causes impaction when they accidentally ingest it on their food.

Why do Sulcata tortoises need a humid environment?

All of our baby sulcata tortoises raised indoors have access to a humid hiding area where they can snuggle in and get a dose of humidity, much like they would in a natural burrow. This humid microclimate helps their shells to grow smoothly and helps in keeping the tortoise hydrated.

How big of an enclosure do sulcatas need?

As Your Baby Grows. With proper care a sulcata hatchling will quickly outgrow its original enclosure and will need larger amounts of salad every month. Eventually, most sulcatas end up being moved to an outdoor enclosure. Adult sulcatas need a lot of space, at least 100 sq ft of floor space per adult tortoise.

Why does my baby tortoise keep his eyes closed?

When a tortoise elects to keep its eyes closed all day during daylight hours, this does indicate a problem but fortunately – it’s not usually an eye condition. One issue that commonly results in closed eyes is a lack of humidity in the vivarium. This leaves the tortoise’s body too dry and their eyes dry out.