Why does my turtle not want to swim?

The vast majority of common pet turtle species don’t like to swim in water that is too cold or too hot. A good water temperature range for the majority of aquatic turtle species is going to be from 75 to 85 degrees or so, give or take. If your tank water is too cold, your turtle will likely not enter it.

Can red eared sliders forget how do you swim?

Another thing that can happen is that when a turtle has lived in shallow water for a long time, they seem to forget how to swim. When that happens, the best thing is to let them get accustomed to deep water very gradually. Start them in shallow water and raise the level an inch every couple of days.

What do you do with a red eared slider you don’t want?

Give it to a friend/family member. Put flyers up at your local vets/pet stores. Many of these places allow adoptable pet fliers, and That Fish Place in Lancaster, PA occasionally will take in sliders to resell if they have room. Humane euthanasia (done by a vet, not at home.)

Is it dangerous to have a red eared slider turtle?

Red-eared sliders are not dangerous, and won’t hurt you. However, the real danger of keeping a red-eared slider turtle comes from the salmonella that young turtles are carrying in. Are Red-eared Sliders Friendly? Red-eared sliders can be friendly with people compared with other turtle species. They even may recognize their owners.

What’s the difference between yellow bellied slider and red eared slider?

Looks wise, the red-eared slider closely resembles its cousin turtle species, the yellow-bellied slider. The primary differences in appearance are that of the red-eared slider’s red mark by its ear and lack of spotting on its plastron (belly shell).

Why do people want to own red ear sliders?

Their curious eyes, their hilarious willingness to try to eat ANYTHING that will fit into their mouths, and the graceful way that they swim around their enclosure lure many pet store goers into the world of turtle ownership.

What should I Feed my red eared slider?

VEGETATION (Plant Foods) Your red-eared slider will NEED to eat his greens if he wants to be healthy and robust – like Popeye with his spinach! Most of the plant portion of your turtle’s diet should consist of floating vegetables.

Why is the red eared slider not eating anymore?

Without this light, Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) will develop because they won’t be able to produce vitamin D. Vitamin supplements are not a good replacement for the proper lighting. MBD causes a very slow and painful death.

How often do red eared slider turtles lay eggs?

Breeders know when she’s ready to lay because she will often stop feeding and become somewhat hyperactive. If she’s ready to lay, once placed in her new enclosure, she will do so in couple of days. A red-eared slider will typically lay 4 to 10 eggs (a clutch) every 2 to 4 weeks during the breeding season, resulting in a total of 5 to 8 clutches.

Why is my redearslider turtle not swimming at all?

Lethargy, Inactivity, Not Swimming, Excessive Basking. If there are other sliders in your tank, the affected RES may also be a victim of aggression. If this is a new turtle, it may be uncomfortable in your presence and it should be observed from a distance. Stress may have caused this turtle to become reluctant to normal social behavior.

What kind of shell does a red eared slider have?

Like other turtles, red-eared sliders have a fused backbone and ribs that together form their shell. This armor consists of a top shell, the carapace, and bottom shell, the plastron, that are joined together by the bridge.

In summary: The 2 most likely reasons a turtle refuses to enter the water are due to the water temperature either being too cold or too hot or due to illness. Other likely reasons include water ammonia or chlorine levels that are too high.

“I suggest they give the turtle to someone else who wants a pet, inquire about making it a classroom pet, or check with local nature centers to see if they will take it.” A state herpetologist said, “I tell them that if they’re unable to find someone else to take it, then the responsible thing to do is euthanize it.

Do red eared sliders get bored?

Turtles do get bored. You may notice several times that your turtle is either digging or climbing in the tank. This is because your turtle is bored and wants to engage itself in some interesting activity. If you have a single turtle as a pet, you should try to keep your tank as entertaining as possible.

Do red eared sliders get tired of swimming?

Red-eared sliders for instance, typically spend around most of their lives in the water, swimming around, sleeping and eating. Not only do they lack webbed feet, but they also are not used to the water at all, and would quickly drown if placed in a deep lake or pond.

Why is my turtle swimming so fast?

Turtles end up swimming frantically in their tank when something is wrong with them or their environment. Turtles usually act this way when they are scared, dressed, pregnant, or when the temperature is bad, or when they don’t have enough food.

Why won’t my baby red-eared slider eat?

The most common reason a baby red-eared slider refuses to eat is stress. This stress is almost always the result of being moved into a new aquarium or habitat. After a few days it will start eating them. Now, if a week goes by and your baby red-eared slider STILL isn’t eating, there may be something else at play.