Why does my veiled chameleon wont eat, drink, or move?

Why does my veiled chameleon wont eat, drink, or move?

: Chameleons Any idea why my veiled chameleon won’t eat, drink, or move around? So about 4 days ago Marvyn just stopped eating he tried to get a superworm and missed it Since then he won’t eat or drink anything. He doesnt really move around all he does is stay in the same spot of his cage all day, only moving to bask under his heat lamp.

What kind of food can a chameleon eat?

Most chameleons love to eat caterpillars, wax moths and butterflies. When it eats that, but no other things, you know it is just being a bit fuzzy and you should not worry about it. An adult chameleon can live for a couple of weeks without food as long as it still drinks.

Why is my Baby Chameleon not eating much?

Place the cup where your chameleon can see it clearly. Slowing appetite – Chameleons are ravenous when they’re babies but when they reach a year old their appetite begins to slow and continues to do so into old age. If your chameleon has reached adulthood and eating less then this could be a reason.

Why does my Chameleon refuse to eat crickets?

Some reasons why a chameleon will refuse to eat. These causes are harmless: Upcoming skin shedding. For adult females: upcoming egg laying. The chameleon is fed-up with eating one feeder insect but will accept others (e.g. too much crickets, but it will readily eat a caterpillar)

What causes a chameleon to go off its food?

About to shed – A chameleon will go off their food a bit when they are about to shed their skin or are in the middle of a shed. Eating too much of the same food – Too much of one thing can get boring for us and it’s no different for chameleons.

When to take a chameleon to the vet?

A good rule of thumb is if you suspect a minor issue as to why your chameleon hasn’t eaten and it’s been 7 to 10 days since they last ate then you need to take them to the vet. Chameleons can go without food this long OK but any longer than that, regardless of the suspected cause, I recommend a vet visit.

How long can a Chameleon go without food?

Chameleons can go without food this long OK but any longer than that, regardless of the suspected cause, I recommend a vet visit. If you suspect any of the major issues listed then I recommend a vet anyway.

What to do if a chameleon opens its mouth?

Mouth – When a chameleon opens their mouth check for any signs of yellow pus, increased saliva or any possible wounds on the mouth or tongue swelling. If you see any of these I recommend a vet visit.

What’s the name of my veiled chameleon’s name?

My Chameleon, Boggs, is now moved in to his upgraded enclosure and is loving it! Yoshi has a buddy this morning… So the blue is new. Pictures aren’t showing how bright and beautiful she looks. Been working on trust with my new chameleon Qwen, only had her for about a week and she already trusts me enough to eat out of my palm, though still weary.

Why does a Chameleon go in the same spot every time?

Chameleons are actually pretty clean animals and captive ones will often designate a particular area in their enclosure and more or less go in the same spot every time. This makes it much easier for you to spot whether they have gone or not and it makes it much easier for you to clean.

How can you tell when a chameleon is going to poop?

If you move things around a bit in their enclosure they will designate a different spot and start going there. You’ll know when a chameleon is going to poop because they lift their tail up, sort of stick their butt out and give you a look that says ‘do you really have to watch me do this?’ at which point you feel a bit awkward and turn away.

What happens when a chameleon won’t eat anything?

A chameleon can easily handle two or three days of not eating anything without harmful effects. Just be sure that it does drink. When your chameleon refuses to eat for longer periods of time there could be a more serious underlying problem.

How can I get my Chameleon to stop getting sick?

As well as automatic misting you can mist by hand or by using a dripper system. You can also give your chameleon a shower where you take the chameleon out of the cage, put them on a plant and place them in the shower. Don’t direct water directly onto them but have the showerhead aimed at the wall so the water bounces onto them.

What’s the average weight of a veiled chameleon?

Weight – If you have a digital scale weigh your chameleon to check they’re not underfed. A good weight for an adult male panther, Jackson or veiled chameleon is between 80 and 180 grams and females between 60 and 130 grams.