Why is my baby bearded dragon slow?

Why is my baby bearded dragon slow?

A bearded dragon acts lazy or lethargic if the temperatures are not adequate enough. Low temperatures can cause a loss of appetite and activity levels can drop. Make sure to use high quality thermometers at each end of the terrarium (one in the basking area and one in the cooler area) so you can monitor temperatures.

How do I know if my bearded dragon wants out of his cage?

If your bearded dragon is closing their eyes, or trying to bite or run away from you, these are the signs they are stressed. You can also look for some dark coloration that may appear near their mouth or stomach. Keep an eye on your bearded dragon so you can know what state they’re in.

Why did my baby bearded dragon die quickly?

If you have got a baby bearded dragon and it died very quickly, it could possibly be a parasitic infection. This is why getting a slightly older bearded dragon at least will give you a better chance of its survival. Even if this sounds harsh, weak and sick baby bearded dragons mostly don’t make it, even with intensive care.

Why does my bearded dragon have trouble walking?

If your bearded dragon is suffering from a Metabolic Bone disease, it will have trouble walking. MBD is caused due to lack of vitamin D3 and/or calcium in the body. Wrong lighting, liver disease, malnutrition, feeding wrong foods and lack of gut-loading + dusting live food are main causes of MBD.

Is it OK to buy a baby bearded dragon?

Many new owners buy their tiny baby Bearded Dragon a little enclosure. And that’s fine at first … You see, baby Bearded Dragons grow FAST, and you will actually spend more money if you start with a small enclosure and purchase upgrades as your pet grows than if you just buy a proper-sized adult enclosure in the beginning.

When does a gravid bearded dragon become pregnant?

Most female bearded dragons reach a sexual maturity by the age of 15 months, but it can be earlier. During the first year, she can lay 2-3 clutches per season. Gravid bearded dragons tend to get lethargic and refuse food, especially towards the end of the pregnancy.

Can a bearded dragon be pregnant if there are no males?

This means, that even if your female bearded dragon hasn’t been around any males, she could still be “gravid” AKA pregnant and lay a clutch of infertile eggs. In the weeks leading up to your female laying her eggs, regardless of whether they’re fertile or infertile, she will likely display some specific behaviors.

Is it normal for bearded dragons to get stressed out?

After you first bring home your new bearded dragon, whether it be a baby, juvenile, or an adult, it will surely feel stressed out for a certain period. This is normal, quite common, and should also be expected.

How does a bearded dragon know when to lay her eggs?

In the weeks leading up to your female laying her eggs, regardless of whether they’re fertile or infertile, she will likely display some specific behaviors. For starters, she may seem lethargic and less active, choosing to lay under her heat lamp. Then, as she gets ready to lay their eggs, she will begin digging within her enclosure.

What should I do if my bearded dragon is slack jawed?

This is a way to cool off while directly under the basking bulb. This behavior is very similar to the way a dog pants to cool off and completely normal. If slack jaw is suspected seek a reptile veterinarian immediately. In the mean time, offer soft foods to the bearded dragon such as baby food or soft wax worms.