Why is my ball python still shedding?

Why is my ball python still shedding?

Maintain Proper Humidity Levels In fact, you can even maintain slightly higher-than-normal humidity levels during the week or so that your snake is shedding. Improper humidity levels are undoubtedly one of the most common reasons captive ball pythons have poor sheds.

Why is my snake so active after shedding?

A layer of fluid builds up between the old and new skin layers, causing cloudy eyes. But once your snake is ready to start shedding, it will be more active than it usually is. This is because it has to move around a lot to get the old layer of skin off.

Can I touch my snake after it sheds?

Avoid handling your snake as much as possible just before and during shedding. If you need to handle it, do so gently as the new skin is delicate and tears easily. Depending on the species, a healthy snake can go for a couple of weeks or more without eating, and larger snakes can go even longer.

How long does it take a ball python to shed its skin?

According to Zoology, ball pythons can go for months without food before they lose weight. The entire shedding process of a ball python takes less than 14 days. If you wait until your snake has finished shedding its skin before feeding it, a healthy snake will be just fine. Are Ball Pythons Aggressive When Shedding?

Is it OK to feed a ball python that is shedding?

Please do not feed or handle your ball python at this time (and until it has shed fully). Cloudy eyes will cause extra defensiveness from your ball python. That’s also one of the reasons ball pythons won’t eat at this time – shedding skin prevents them from feeling and seeing prey properly.

Is it unusual for a snake to shed its skin?

Snakes are famous for their unusual manner of skin replacement – a process known as shedding. But in truth, shedding is not an unusual phenomenon. Most animals shed their outer surfaces over time.

How often should I check on my ball python?

It’s still a good idea to check on him about once per day, by simply lifting the hide box, giving him a quick visual inspection, and then lowering the hide box back down over him gently. From time to time, ball pythons may experience problems during the shedding process. A few of the most common issues that may arise are discussed below.