Why is my bearded dragon star gazing?

This bearded dragon demonstrates “star gazing”, a serious neurological problem caused by the atadenovirus infecting the brain and spinal cord. Atadenovirus spreads easily from dragon to dragon by direct contact.

How do bearded dragons show dominance?

Bearded Dragon Head Bobbing Head bobbing is when your beardie moves their head quickly in an up and down movement. This behavior is normal in pet and wild species. It is very common for males to show this behavior. During breeding males will head bob to show their dominance to a female.

What happens to a bearded dragon with ADV?

This disease is called the “wasting disease” or “stargazing disease” for a reason. A young bearded dragons with ADV typically will not survive past three months of age and will spend its short life struggling to grow. It will be lethargic, lose weight, and not want to eat.

Why is my bearded dragon losing so much weight?

Unfortunately, some infections which can lead to death are Cryptosporidiosis, Yellow fungus disease, Adenovirus infection and more. If your bearded dragon is losing weight, you can read a full post on possible reasons why. Is my bearded dragon brumating or dying?

Where does a bearded dragon feel most secure?

Speaking of your bearded dragon feeling safe and secure, one of the places they should feel most safe and secure is in their hide. All bearded dragons need at least one hide in their enclosure. This is something that they can crawl inside when feeling stressed or threatened.

Why does a bearded dragon go to sleep?

It’s not long after that that many of them drift off to sleep. We don’t know if they feel extra safe and secure that way, or if it has something to do with the feeling of being enclosed like that. Whatever it is, bearded dragons seem to love it.

What did my parents say about the bearded dragon?

I asked them for a snake earlier and my father announced that snakes are Satan (we’re Christians, and someone didn’t read his Bible recently!) and there will never be one in his (!) house. Beardies are not snakes. They are sweet and cute. I absolutely love them.

Are there any health issues with bearded dragons?

While bearded dragons are naturally pretty hardy, that isn’t to say that they can’t develop serious health issues! In fact, in this article alone we will be discussing 17 bearded dragon diseases, health concerns, and illnesses that all owners should be aware of!

Why is my bearded dragon not moving in his cage?

First and perhaps the least serious of issues could be due to inadequate tank temperatures. When bearded dragons don’t get enough heat, their metabolisms can slow down and lead to them having little energy or appetite. If you witness your bearded dragon not moving much, chances are their cage is a little too cool.

Can a bearded dragon be a cat or a dog?

When compared to that of the family cat or dog, bearded dragon behavior unfortunately isn’t always so easy to pick up on or understand. You see, when it comes to deciphering the meaning behind your cat or dog’s behavior, the explanations are obvious and feel almost culturally ingrained within our brains.