Why is my beardie fading?

Overall body color changes and beard color changes may occur slowly as your bearded dragon grows, but if a sudden or temporary color change is noted, it is due to stress, illness, or an emotion. Beardies will often darken or turn black if threatened or upset.

What does it mean when a bearded dragon is pale?

If your bearded dragon is hot, it can turn whiter to absorb less heat. This can especially happen at night or when it gets very hot. If your bearded dragon is turning white or pale and not eating, this can be a bad sign. Turning white or very pale, not eating and being lethargic can be a symptom of dying.

How can I tell if my bearded dragon is alive?

Try to place it under a basking light, give it a bath and put it on its back to see if it’s alive. If being cool made your bearded dragon become unresponsive, then heat can help bring it back to normal. If you wish to know for sure, a vet will be able to perform a Doppler ultrasound to check for any blood flow in the body.

Why is my bearded dragon turning white around its mouth?

You will find out why your bearded dragon might be turning white around its mouth, head, tail, nose as well as why your bearded dragon is turning white and not eating. Note the white patches – they are about to shed. One of the main reasons why your bearded dragon is turning white is because it’s shedding.

What happens to a bearded dragon when it sheds?

Right before your bearded dragon starts shedding, its skin will turn slightly dull, and the top skin layer will look white and pale. Your bearded dragon will shed in patches and not in a single layer. Your bearded dragon’s body is likely to turn white in stages – its head can turn white, then legs, tail and more.

What does the color mean on a bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons slowly change color after shedding, usually getting more colorful until 1-1 ½ years of age. When you notice a sudden color change it’s usually related to mood, stress, illness, or a change in temperature. If your bearded dragon gets cold, their skin might darken or turn black to absorb heat better.

What colors do bearded dragons turn?

Bearded Dragons Change Colors of Different Body Parts Bearded dragons have been seen to change the color of their chest and beard when interacting socially with other lizards. They will often change the color of their backs due to temperature fluctuations. When they feel stressed or are sick, they will turn black.

What are the different breeds of bearded dragons?

Five types of bearded dragons are named for the region of Australia where they are found: Eastern bearded dragons, Central bearded dragons, Western bearded dragons, Nullarbor bearded dragons and Drysdale River bearded dragons. The other three types of bearded dragons are dwarf bearded dragons,…

Can bearded dragons turn purple?

Blue or purple bearded dragons will only stay blue or purple when they are very young. When two Translucent Bearded Dragons are bred, a blue or purple offspring results. However, as they get older, the young dragon’s skill will change and become translucent.