Why is my beardie skinny?

Bearded dragons eat quite a lot, especially when they are babies. That being said, bearded dragons need to eat mainly live bugs 2-4 times a day until they become sub-adults. Not feeding enough, especially coupled with lack of lighting & heating, will cause weight loss and make your bearded dragon skinny and lethargic.

How can you tell if a bearded dragon is too skinny?

If you look at your bearded dragon from top, it’s sides will be too thin. Also, you will see lose skin from the sides. If your bearded dragon is skinny, it will also have thin legs and a skinny tail. Its ribs will be also protruding, along with hips. With very underweight bearded dragons, their head will look large compared to their body.

What should I do if my bearded dragon is unhealthy?

Use a small cup to gently pour water over the bearded dragon’s head to wet the head and face. Avoid getting water in the eyes or nostrils. You can also use Repti Shedding Aid, or Zilla Bath Shed Ease, to help loosen the skin and promote healthy shedding.

What should I do if my bearded dragon has yellow poop?

If the white part of the poop (the urate) has a yellow tint there could be a hydration issue. Mist your bearded dragon a couple times per day with clean, dechlorinated water. If using tap water treat the water with a water conditioner that removes chlorine, ammonia, heavy metals, and other chemicals.

Is it normal for bearded dragon’s appetite to decrease?

The bearded dragon’s appetite will decrease along with it’s activity levels. Most of the time this is normal and nothing to worry about. It’s still important to continue to offer food and water while maintaining proper temperatures and light cycles.

Why does my bearded dragon look so skinny?

Your bearded dragon can be too skinny for various reasons, including low appetite, illness and more. But is my bearded dragon too skinny? In this post, you will learn why your bearded dragon might be underweight, how a skinny bearded dragon looks like and how to make it gain weight.

What to do if your bearded dragon loses weight?

If your bearded dragon is losing weight suddenly and rapidly, please take it to the vet immediately and perform a fecal check. One of the parasitic infections that will cause weight loss is Coccidiosis. Another parasitic infection that is more serious and leads to body wasting is Cryptosporidiosis.

What does a healthy bearded dragon eye look like?

A healthy bearded dragon’s eye should look clear, bright, and alert. If they look dull, it may be a sign of shedding, while if they are cloudy and have a discharge, they are probably infected. If they look dull, it may be a sign of shedding, while if they are cloudy and have a discharge, they are probably infected.

Is there such thing as an unhealthy bearded dragon?

There are also times when an unhealthy bearded dragon may start showing signs or symptoms of a condition without you really knowing it. Unfortunately, an unhealthy bearded dragon can not tell us what is wrong. It is very important to pay attention to tell-tale signs that something might be amiss.