Why is my chameleon not vibrant?

Chameleons are known for their bright colors so if they are a dull, dark, or ashey in color instead of being vibrant, this can indicate your chameleon is sick. Dehydration, skin issues, a low body temperature, lack of UVB rays, malnutrition, stress, and other things can cause your chameleon to have a color change.

How big do veiled chameleons get after birth?

Veiled chameleons grow very fast, one week after birth they can weight as much as 1,5 grams. After 3 to 4 weeks they will weight 2 tot 2,5 grams each. They do not have the characteristic crest (casque / helmet) on top of their head, but that will start to grow pretty quickly.

What kind of light does a veiled chameleon need?

A UVB light that runs the length of the cage is essential for indoor veiled chameleons to get necessary vitamin D, to promote calcium absorption and to prevent metabolic bone disease. Basking in the glow of the UVB light is similar to perching on a branch under the sun in the wild.

How often do veiled chameleons need to be misted?

Since veiled chameleons are habitually in the vines all day, they do not understand how to drink water from a dish. Instead, they usually find their water sources in dew and droplets of rain that glisten in the sun. To provide these droplets, mist the chameleon’s cage two to three times a day.

Where do veiled chameleons live in the world?

Like humans, veiled chameleons are very active during the day and sleep at night. Also known as the Yemen chameleon, the veiled chameleon is originally from the mountain ranges and valleys in Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

What happens to a Chameleon when it dies?

During the life of the chameleons, it’s not uncommon for them to have a mild parasitic presence in their bodies. Their immune system will usually fight off these parasites and prevent it from getting worse. However, under stress or unhygienic conditions, the parasites could multiply rapidly and could kill the chameleon.

How can you tell if a chameleon is sick?

If the cage is filthy, more than likely, parasites and other pathogens will live there. As the chameleons move around the cage, they will get infected with the parasites. Signs of parasites on your chameleon include diarrhea, emaciation, constipation, a swollen belly]

Can a 6 month old Chameleon take a shower?

If your pet chameleon is 6 months or older, you can give them a shower. Since chameleons don’t like water, do not spray water directly on them. Doing so could cause them to be stressed and further make them ill.

What happens when a chameleon is under stress?

When a chameleon is stressed, their stress hormones will elevate to help deal with the situation. Unfortunately, for a chameleon, the stress hormones can take up to a week before it comes down to normal levels. Therefore, if a chameleon is under chronic stress, it will die eventually.