Why is my chameleon restless?

It is normal for your chameleon to be restless for the first couple of days in a new cage. Your chameleon is spending this time exploring the limits of their new home. During this time you will see behavior that would normally signal trouble such as climbing the sides of the cage and hanging upside down from the top.

Why is my male chameleon laying on the ground?

Metabolic Bone Disease is a condition where the bones do not get enough calcium so they do not have the strength to bear the weight of the body. With rubbery bone the chameleon is forced to live on the ground.

Why is my chameleon sleeping upside down?

Your chameleon might be sleeping upside down because they feel insecure or unsafe, cannot get warm enough, are too hot, or because it is time for them to mate or give birth. This behavior is especially common in tanks that do not provide enough cover.

Why is my chameleon sleeping at the bottom of his cage?

Your chameleon may go to the bottom of its cage in an attempt to find more moisture, or it may hide away as a result of the discomfort it feels from being dehydrated.

Can a panther chameleon be kept in the same cage?

Two or more panther chameleons should never be kept in the same cage. Cages should be furnished with many plants and climbing branches to provide opportunities for exercise and plenty of places for hiding. Substrate (mulch, soil, etc.) should not be used in chameleon cages.

How can you tell if a panther is a male or female Chameleon?

Male panther chameleons can be sexed as juveniles by the bulge at the base of the tail and by their very colorful patterns as an adult. Females are predominantly peach to pink in color as adults. Click images for larger versions.

What happens when you put a male chameleon in a female enclosure?

When you first put the male and female in the same enclosure, the male is likely to get a bit aggressive because he doesn’t know a female from a male. Chameleons are territorial, and the male chameleon will attempt to display his dominance over another with color changes and other signifiers.

How old do panther chameleons have to be to breed?

With panther chameleons, females reach sexual maturity at around eight months old, but again, waiting until she reaches a year old is better for her health. Early breeding for females can result in difficulty laying her eggs and early death. Male panther chameleons can begin breeding at approximately eight months old.

How often does a female panther chameleon mate?

So dust her meals lightly with a phosphorous-free calcium without any additional vitamins most meals, and then a multivitamin about 2-3 times monthly lightly. A female chameleon will only mate when she is receptive, and will attempt to fight off the male viciously otherwise.

Why do chameleons paw at the walls of their cage?

Meaning: Chameleons should be content within their cage. The cage walls should not be a climbing surface. If they are scaling the walls or pawing at the sides of their cage it is because they are not happy inside their cage. Most often it is because the inside of the cage does not provide a certain necessity.

What kind of heat does a panther chameleon need?

If night heat is needed a ceramic heat emitter or space heater should be used, not a light bulb, even red or black bulbs. Humidity is an important aspect of chameleon husbandry. Panther chameleons require levels around 50-70%, which can be achieved by several misting sessions a day over all areas of the cage.

Where can you find a panther chameleon in the wild?

They can generally be found hunting prey or basking on the branches of trees and large bushes. Panther chameleons are territorial and don’t tolerate the presence of other chameleons in close proximity. When threatened they will frequently change color and inflate their body to appear larger.

Do panther chameleons get stressed easily?

Chameleons are Easily Stressed, but Often Appear Content Some individuals may react to handling by changing color or gaping, but they do not snap, thrash about, run off, or drop their tails as do many other lizards. Inexperienced owners often misinterpret the lack of vigorous protest as an “acceptance” of handling.

Most of the time, if a chameleon is hiding at the bottom of its cage, this is a sign that the temperature of the enclosure is too warm. Here are the basic guidelines you’ll need to follow in order to provide your chameleon with a safe and healthy environment.

Is it okay for my chameleon to sleep upside down?

While it can be completely common for your chameleon to hang or even sleep upside down, there are times where some minor adjustments need to be made. This could be that your chameleon isn’t getting enough UVB or heat, your female could be gravid or your reptile may be stressed.