Why is my dwarf hamster changing Colour?

One reason for a hamsters fur changing colour is age. As a hamster gets older the fur thins out and lightens,much like a human’s! This lightening of a rich back coat would certainly lighten to a rusty brown tone. Another reason for this change in fur colour is the change of seasons.

How big does a winter white dwarf hamster get?

For starters, this breed has more elongated body shape than the Campbells, Robo and Winter White hamster. An adult can grow to 4 to 5 inches (10 -12cm) and weigh 1.5 to 1.75 ounces (40-50g). It has a longer tail than these other breeds as well, up to an inch in length.

What’s the difference between a Campbell Dwarf and a white dwarf hamster?

The Winter White dwarf, even though it’s originally from an area where the winter days are short and cold, they do not hibernate. They will sleep longer and wake up later on in the day though. On average they spend less time out of their burrows or hamster houses than the Campbell dwarf; nearly twice as much.

Why does my hamster’s Coat turn white in the winter?

If the lights in the hamster’s room are shut off earlier, or a shade is pulled to keep out the heat or sunlight, the hamster’s body interprets the increased darkness as winter and the coat begins to turn white.

What’s the name of the Russian dwarf hamster?

The Winter White hamster is known to cause more allergic reactions in humans than any other breed. A Russian dwarf hamster is a term used to identify the following three varieties of hamsters: Campbells, Winter White, and Robo or Roborovski.

Can a white dwarf hamster change its color?

If you want your pet hamsters to live a long life, provide them with the best possible nutrition, plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Interesting Fact – Winter White dwarf hamsters have the ability to change the color of their coat to being fully white as winter approaches.

What kind of hamster has a dark stripe on its back?

They also have a vast range of colourations and can usually be identified by a solid, dark stripe that runs down their back. They are also commonly called ‘Russian dwarf hamsters’ however this term can be used to describe two different breeds of dwarf hamster, Campbell’s and Winter Whites.

How can I tell if my hamster is a Campbell’s Dwarf?

The easiest way to tell the difference is to look where the body color of your hamster meets its whiter underside. If there is a cream color between the transition of body color to belly color then you likely have a Campbell’s dwarf. A more sudden transition between the two colors with no cream or beige would indicate you have a Winter White

What kind of hamster is white with white belly?

Robo dwarf hamsters are social creatures, groups of two or three are recommended although larger groups can be kept successfully. Appearance: Roborovski dwarf hamsters, also known as desert hamsters, are a sandy-brown color with a white belly and white marks over their eyes.

Since hamsters are relatively low down on the food chain, they need to protect themselves, and merely going underground isn’t always enough. For this reason, these hamsters’ furs change color during the winter months to camouflage them and make them harder to spot for predators.

Do dwarf hamsters coats change color?

In the wild, this coat change provides camouflage against the snow. The change in color can take a few days to a few weeks, and some people report seeing their Winter White Dwarf Hamsters change in waves from head to tail.