Why is my fish going crazy?

Why is my fish going crazy?

Fish Swimming Erratically: If your fish is swimming erratically, he could just be playing or exercising. If your fish does it this consistently and seems unhealthy, the cause may be poor water quality. Other possible causes are overfeeding and improper water quality.

What causes a goldfish to get a disease?

Types of stress can activate certain goldfish diseases: Toxicity Stress – is a direct result of tank overcrowding and poor water quality. Behavioral Stress – factors include bullying by faster-swimming single-tail fish varieties, noise pollution, too much light, lack of space. Hypoxia Stress – is oxygen depletion.

Why are my Goldfish hiding in my tank?

There are many different reasons why your goldfish might have started hiding, including the behaviors of the other fish, changes in their environment, poor tank conditions, and even illness. It is important to monitor your fish’s behavior for some time to get a better picture. Some fish might just be more skittish than others, which is fine.

What does it mean when goldfish is struggling to breathe?

However, it is when you notice that your fish is spending a lot of time near the surface that you may want to take notice. A goldfish that is spending extensive time at the surface and appears to be struggling, gasping or in distress in any way may be having a hard time breathing. Goldfish breathe the oxygen found in the tank water.

What does it mean if your goldfish has dropsy?

Dropsy is a very serious condition affecting goldfish. If you notice your goldfish looking fat, swollen or “about to explode” then the problem is probably dropsy. Read this article to find out more about the symptoms of dropsy, what causes dropsy and how to treat it. Fin rot isn’t a disease in itself, but rather a symptom of disease or infection.

What health issues do goldfish have?

Goldfish health issues. Goldfish can suffer from all the same ailments as other aquarium fish, but three stand out as particularly common: finrot, constipation, and swim bladder disease. In captivity, a diet containing a balance of vegetable and prepared foods is the ideal.

What are the symptoms of a dying goldfish?

With that said, the typical signs of Impending death in goldfish are: Thinness, not eating, gulping air from the top, sitting on the bottom for days or weeks, red sores or burst tumors on the body, excessively torn fins and a rotting tail, redness or abnormal darkening in the gills,…

Do goldfish need to be with other goldfish?

Although it’s fine to keep many types of goldfish with other species in the same tank, goldfish are only likely to form social bonds with others of their own kind, so you should keep at least two together, but preferably more. Oct 9 2019

What are some goldfish diseases?

One of the most common diseases in goldfish is fungus disease. The fungus is usually in the water but the goldfish will only become affected if its immune system is low, this can normally happen following an injury.