Why is my geckos poop so big?

Leopard gecko poop does smell, and it smells more when it’s fresh. Once it dries a little, smell should be reduced. Poop might also be bigger when eating larger insects, such as roaches. What is more, parasites could make the poop smell bad – collect the poop and take it to the vet for a test.

What does watery gecko poop mean?

Causes of Diarrhea in Leopard Geckos Worms and parasites are the most common causes of diarrhea. This can be due to food you have fed your gecko recently. Stress and viral infections also play a large role in diarrhea, often with watery stools being a symptom.

Why is my leopard gecko poop red?

Something in the intestines, for example sand or other loose substrate, can also lead to bleeding. Dehydration is another possibility. Other more serious conditions that can cause blood in the stools include liver or kidney failure, polyps, infection, or even cancer.

What color should leopard gecko poop be?

A geckos poop should be solid little dark brown to lighter brown pellet with a white clump on it. The white part is their urate, a solid version of pee. If the urate is yellow or a dirty color it could mean many things, from dehydration to infections.

Why is my gecko eating its poop?

There’s Coprophagy which is normally observed in herbivores and in baby reptiles. In this particular situation they eat their mother’s stool in order to gain gut bacteria, in theory. Then there’s PICA which is the consumption of unusual objects such as stones.

What do gecko eggs look like before they hatch?

Gecko eggs are round or oval (depending on the species) and initially somewhat soft, hardening within the first few days of being laid. Many eggs grow somewhat bigger during the incubation period and some sweat (produce small droplets of water that adhere to the outside of the shell) or dent soon before hatching.