Why is my goldfish just sitting on the bottom?

Why is my goldfish just sitting on the bottom?

You indeed have a problem when a goldfish is bottom sitting. Possible causes are ammonia spikes (filter issues, changes in temperature, pH etc, a high volume of nitrates, overcrowded tank – causes most of these problems (40-50 gallons per common goldfish are needed).

Is there such a thing as a fantail goldfish?

The Black Moor is the only possible exception to this, not because it lacks hardiness but because of its telescopic eyes. These eyes cause it to have poor vision, so it is not a good competitor for food and more subject to injury and infection. Fantail and Common goldfish swimming in a 60 gallon aquarium.

Why did my fantail goldfish lose its scales?

The only way it will heal is with clean water. It isn’t normal for them to lose scales. Scale loss I have learned can also be caused by an infection or parasite. However, goldfish can also be clumsy sometimes and get stuck in, on, or around an object. My comet lost a few scales on a decoration.

How big of a tank do you need for a fantail goldfish?

Tank parameters to consider when choosing a goldfish aquarium: Tank size. Ten gallons is the absolute minimum required to house a Fantail Goldfish. It’s best to start with a 20 – 30 gallon tank for your first goldfish and then increase the size of the tank by 10 gallons for each additional goldfish.

What should I do if my fantail goldfish has a white spot?

Moors eyes are easily burned & damaged by high nitrates and they should be kept under 10ppm (lower, the better). In respect to the spot, I am not sure what exactly you are referring to.

What to do if a goldfish is on the brink of death?

If only one or some of your goldfish are sick or on the brink of death, separate infected goldfish from the healthy ones. This can help prevent healthy fish from developing diseases or dying. It’s a good idea to have a so-called “hospital tank” for sick fish. Only return fish to a tank once they’re healthy.

What does it mean when goldfish has a hole in the head?

Read this article to identify the symptoms of hole in the head disease and learn what to do if you spot hole in the head in your goldfish. Ulcers are open sores on the surface of the body of the goldfish, which look like red, white or pink wounds.

What do goldfish do when they don’t get treats?

If you do not provide him with goldfish treats, then he is likely to try to find it around his tank. Treats in his tank may include nibbling on his aquatic plants, digging up the plants to gnaw at the roots, and sometimes even munching on algae.

What causes a goldfish to have Velvet on its body?

Velvet in goldfish is caused by the presence of a parasite called “dinoflagellate,” and causes the scales and body of the fish to take on a rough, dusty and slimy look that vaguely resembles the texture of velvet fabric. Read this article to to learn more about velvet, how it is caused, and how to treat it.