Why is my hamster limp but breathing?

Why is my hamster limp but breathing?

It it’s cold, it may be hibernating. When they hibernate the breath slows down and their heart rate may drop as well. If your hamster doesn’t resume normal behavior after a few days, you may want to consult a small animal vet. … My hamster is not moving but still is breathing.

What are the symptoms of a sick hamster?

Nose: The nose should be dry and not runny. A runny nose can be a sign of a cold or some other virus. Mouth: Two common symptoms of a health issue include overgrown long teeth known as malocculusion and impacted cheek pouches. An impaction occurs when food or debris becomes stuck in the sides of the mouth.

Can a wet hamster be a serious problem?

Both of these are capable of limiting a hamsters food and water intake which can become a serious matter if the issue is not resolved. Tail: A wet hamster tail is not a good sign. This is wetness can either be fecal matter or urine.

Why does my hamster have so many problems?

A hamster’s teeth are possibly the most important tool the hamster has. His teeth never stop growing, in order for him to be able to eat the hard, dry grains his diet is based on. Sometimes though, problems come up. Teeth become overgrown, possibly due to soft food or lack of a chew toy.

What to do if your hamster Cant walk on its back?

In serious cases, this disease can paralyse your pet’s back legs or cause them to seize up, forcing your hamster to hop around. Make sure you’re giving your pet foods containing enough vitamin C, as well as all the other nutrients your pet needs.

What should I do if my hamster is having trouble breathing?

When you bring your hamster to your vet, they will observe your hamster in its cage first. Then, they will examine your hamster from head to toe and listen to its heart and lungs. If your hamster is having trouble breathing, your vet will give it extra oxygen before doing the physical exam. Answer your vet’s questions.

What are the most common health problems in hamsters?

The most common of them being cataracts/blindness. This comes especially with old age in hammies. Do keep in mind that a hamster without his sight will be able to live his life almost the same. Since he doesn’t usually rely on his eyes, not seeing anymore will not be a big loss, as it could be for humans.

Why is my hamster weak with both eyes closed?

Also a girl who had a diabetic hamster had the symptoms of mine now. she said her eyes were shut and was very weak. Shut eyes are supposed to be a warning of organs being shut down. She aslo recomends to give hamsters baby food with these symptoms.

How can you tell if a hamster has a respiratory illness?

You may be able to hear the wheezing, along with possible rattling or crackling noises, when your hamster breathes. Detect sneezing. If your hamster has a respiratory illness, it may start sneezing.