Why is my hedgehog not uncurling?

A hedgehog that is in a state of collapse, or very dehydrated, cannot curl up. Usually, hedgehogs are reluctant to uncurl only if they have been abused or if they have wounds on their undersides.

What happens if you wake a hibernating hedgehog?

If you do accidentally disturb a hibernation nest, cover it back over with a thick layer of dry leaves and perhaps leave some dog food and water nearby, so if the hedgehog does wake up, he can easily find something to eat before he goes to find a new hibernation spot and rebuilds his nest.

What does a hibernating hedgehog look like?

Signs That a Hedgehog is Hibernating Not Dead Firstly, hedgehogs generally hibernate curled up in a ball. But they don’t naturally die curled up. So if you’re hedgehog is curled up in a ball and gives a little ripple or shudder when you touch it, as well as maybe a little snore, it is most likely hibernating, not dead.

Why is my hedgehog curled up in a ball?

When they are frightened, or annoyed, hedgehogs will roll into a ball so that an predator will feel the full brunt of its sharp spines and will then leave the hedgehog alone. The muscles pull different spines in different directions, so they crisscross and form a nearly impenetrable barrier.

How do you dispose of a dead hedgehog?

To report any dead or ill hedgehogs in your garden visit the Garden Wildlife Health website here: You can also let the wildlife vets at ZSL know if you have a dead hedgehog and they can send you all the necessary equipment to post it to them at no cost! Results and any advice will be relayed to the submitter.

How long do hedgehogs stay curled up?

around 1 year
They last around 1 year before they fall out and a replacement spine grows! When in danger a hedgehog will curl up tight into a ball. Small muscles along their back help their thousands of quills interlock in different directions creating a strong defensive wall!

Can you hold a hedgehog with bare hands?

You can use either your bare hands or a towel. I suggest using a towel because hedgie’s quills will be directly on your hand. Gently pick him up from his back like Step 2. Then flip him over so his face is up towards you.

Can you get sick from a hedgehog?

Regardless of where hedgehogs are purchased, they can carry Salmonella germs that can make people sick. People who own or come in contact with hedgehogs can take steps to stay healthy around their pet.

Are dried mealworms bad for hedgehogs?

We DO NOT recommend feeding dried meal worms to hedgehogs, they contain almost no nutritional value and can harm their health. The x-ray of the entire hedgehog shows the effects of feeding large quantities of mealworms, she had severe metabolic bone disease. She could not walk, only shuffle forwards.