Why is my leopard gecko always in his warm hide?

Why is my leopard gecko always in his warm hide?

Leopard geckos that are always on the warm side of the tank are usually unable to heat up their bodies correctly due to a too low temperature in the warm area of their enclosure. Other reasons for this behavior can be shedding, stress, or too low temperatures on the cold side of the terrarium.

How long does it take a leopard gecko to adjust to a new home?

If your leopard is a picky eater and you are looking for solutions, read this post for advice. When you bring a new leopard gecko home (doesn’t matter if it’s a baby or an adult), it will need time for acclimatization. It can take around 3-6 weeks for a leopard gecko to get used to you and its new home.

Why do geckos stop eating after a move?

If your gecko has stopped eating after a move, it should regain its appetite after becoming accustomed to its new home. Other geckos in the enclosure may be bullying the one who is not eating.

When does a leopard gecko start to lay eggs?

Female leopard geckos can produce infertile eggs even without mating a male. During this period, your female leopard gecko can become moody, will be digging and can stop eating before laying eggs. Leopard geckos reach the puberty stage at around 8-10 months old, but will differ.

When do leopard geckos become skittish and aggressive?

Your leopard gecko might become skittish and aggressive during the breeding season/puberty. This is especially true if a male can see or have a female nearby – he will be very interested to get closer and mate with her. Female leopard geckos can produce infertile eggs even without mating a male.

When do geckos stop eating when they are shedding?

Many geckos do not eat the day or days before they shed. (Other geckos have been known to pause in the middle of shedding to “chow down”). Observe the gecko carefully to determine whether it is in the early stages of shedding and wait until a day after it has shed before considering other reasons for decrease in feeding.

When do gecko hatchlings need to start eating?

Hatchlings do not need to eat during the first 3-7 days of their lives because they are still receiving nourishment from their pre-natal yolk sac. When they do begin to eat, it is not unusual for many hatchlings to start very slowly, only eating 1 or 2 prey items a day.

How to take care of a baby crested gecko?

Keep baby crested geckos in a small 5 gallon terrarium or a plastic container for several months (until gecko turns 8-10 grams) before getting a larger tank. Also, use paper towels only, for babies and juveniles. Smaller tank will enable your crested gecko to find its food and water easily.

When to take a leopard gecko to the vet?

If that doesn’t help your gecko pass their stool and urates you should take your gecko to a vet. Your vet may need to administer an enema to your leopard gecko or they may discover it has intestinal parasites or needs other medical attention.