Why is my rabbit dragging his back legs?

When a rabbit suddenly starts dragging the back legs, they need to see a vet ASAP. Most spinal injuries can be easily seen on standard X-rays. Please keep them calm and as still as possible in the meantime. E. cuniculi is the most common cause of gradual loss of hind leg function in young rabbits.

How can I get my Bunny to move its legs?

Take a cork, such as that from a wine bottle, and cut it to 1” in length. Attach a cotton pad to each side of the cork. Relax your bunny, and gently move their spayed leg into a ‘normal’ position. If your rabbit resists, you’re hurting them.

Can a rabbit stand on its hind legs?

Splayed front legs in rabbits may or may not inhibit this, depending on their severity. Your bunny could topple over, as they find it challenging to balance. Strong functional hind legs are required to stand, though. Beyond this, a rabbit will appear perfectly content.

Why do rabbits kick their feet up at you?

Displeased rabbits may deliberately kick their feet up as they hop away from you. In a wild setting, this translates to kicking dirt into another animal’s face. Expect to get imaginary dirt kicked up at you after a nail trimming session. Chinning is a rabbit’s way of saying, “Mine!”

What happens when a rabbit Cant move its back legs?

Without the ability to move its hind legs, rabbits can’t eat their cecotropes which gives them essential nutrition. They can’t exercise which may cause them to gain weight. Hind leg paralysis is when your rabbit can’t use its back legs.

Is it possible for a rabbit to walk on a leash?

Rabbits can walk on a leash, if trained, but find this restrictive. They’d rather hop and leap to their preferred location. The powerful hind legs of a rabbit ensure they move at speed. This is critical to wild rabbits, which are continually fleeing predators.

What does it mean when a rabbit rolls on its side?

Usually, your rabbit will be resting, sitting up, and then roll onto their side to lie down. This flopping motion is much different than a seizure because your rabbit will be very relaxed, their eyes will most likely be closed and their legs will not be moving. Flopping is a normal rabbit behavior and it means your rabbit is relaxed. 1 

Why are the back legs of my rabbit twitching?

My Rabbit’s Back Legs are Twitching and Shaking A rabbit’s back legs shaking and twitching may be a consequence of overheating. A rabbit needs to run a body temperature of 101-103 degrees Fahrenheit. Any higher and they’ll become uncomfortable.