Why is my spayed cat always hungry?

Typically, the castrated male or spayed female requires less energy than the intact male or female, however, instead of consuming less food, the neutered cats are actually inclined to eat more! Decreased energy demand, coupled with increased appetite is almost certain to result in unwanted weight gain.

Why do cats go out for long periods of time?

Cats are very independent animals, they can take care of themselves for long stretches of time and as a result, cat owners are quite happy to allow their cat to freely roam in and out of the house as s/he pleases. Most of the time, cats will stay relatively close to their home and will stick to their known territory.

When to take care of a new cat and her kittens?

New Kitten and Mother Cat Care The first two to three weeks are the most crucial for a mother cat and her newborn kittens. The kittens should be developing rapidly, and if the mother is going to have any postpartum problems, it will happen during that period. Let the mother cat set the pace for your attention.

Is it possible for a cat to come back?

My outside cat Natasha was away from our home for over 5 months. Then 1 day before my baby shower she returned, like nothing happened and has never left again – that was 29 months ago. So keep hope alive. Cat’s are also so versatile, they often ‘adopt’ new families. And they often return after long periods of time has elapsed.

How long does it take for a cat to go missing?

The trouble is there is no telling how long they will be away for. My sister’s cat went missing for 9 days and then just turned up gain. All you can do to keep calling her, leave something outside that is either her bed or something that smells of her or you.

How long does it take for kittens to go back to normal after spaying?

All my cats were fixed as kittens, and the females definitely took a their time getting around and back to normal that first day. Also keep in mind that the hormonal changes do not happen overnight, Delgado says. They are subtle and gradual; your cat will not wake up like a different cat.

Why do cats go away for days at a time?

Sometimes, unspayed female cats will wander further away if they’re unable to find a male cat to mate with. So, by spaying and neutering your cats at the earliest opportunity, you’re protecting them and giving yourself peace of mind that they won’t wander as far. There are many other benefits to neutering your cat (s), including…

What happens to my Cat after her surgery?

Your cat may be unusually quiet and reserved for a day or two after her surgery. During this time, she may have less of an appetite, which is probably a result of the anesthesia. Cats who have recently been spayed tend to sleep more and walk more slowly.

What to do if your cat goes missing for days?

Sometimes, very sadly, cats don’t return home. If your cat is currently missing, then remember that the chances are in your favor and so many cat owners spend days fretting, only for the cat to saunter back in through the door without a care in the world (except for, you know, “feed me now please!”)