Why is my turtle bleeding from the nose?

In that case, the bleeding is certainly caused by an injury. A respiratory infection can also cause such bleeding, but that’s unlikely. You’ll also want to make sure all conditions are optimal to help your turtle recover. if 78*F is the temperature right under the basking light, that is too cool.

What happens if my turtle falls?

A bigger turtle has a very heavy shell, and if they fall on their arm (or whatever) it can cause a break or sprain. The good news is that if the shell is healthy & hard, it can help protect their organs from damage.

Is it bad to drop a turtle?

Observe from a distance and avoid sudden movements that may startle it, otherwise the turtle may change direction, stop, or seek shelter within its shell. Handle Turtles Gently. Some turtles empty their bladder when lifted off the ground, so be careful not to drop it if it suddenly does.

What to do if your turtle has blood in its droppings?

Often, you will detect blood in your turtle’s droppings. A physical examination, digital palpation and radiographs (x-rays) allow your veterinarian to correctly diagnose the problem. Surgical removal of the stones is needed, as is fluid therapy to prevent kidney damage.

What does it look like when a turtle has mouth rot?

Mouth rot or Necrotic Stomatitis is often caused when a long term illness allows opportunistic bacterial or fungal infections to infect the mouth of your turtle. This can look like the following: cheesy white growths, pus and dead tissues, red and black blisters on the tongue or palate of the mouth.

What should I do if my turtle falls out of the water?

If your turtle suffers any sudden trauma such as a fall, drop or animal attack, it will need to be quickly examined to measure the extent of any injuries. There may be a cracked shell, broken bones or cuts. If it is in shock or unconscious, do not force your RES to move or back into the water.

What’s the best way to care for a red ear slider turtle?

The heat light keeps the basking area temperature 10 degrees higher than your water temperature. Your turtle shouldn’t be able to reach the lighting, since the bulbs can burn. Screw the lights tightly out of the way of the turtle. Also, never leave a glass or plastic tank in full sunlight as it will quickly overheat.

Can you kill a turtle by dropping it?

You’re probably wondering how you get one of these magical turtle shells, and your first impulse might be to kill some turtles. DON’T DO IT! Instead, you need to piece together your own turtle shell from the bits of shell – called scutes – that are dropped when a baby turtle grows up into an adult turtle.