Why is my turtle sleeping a lot and not eating?

Brumation is essentially another word for hibernation. In the wild, turtles often dig underwater, mud, and dirt and go into a prolonged period of inactivity to wait the winter out. During this period, they rarely eat. It’s totally normal.

What does it mean when a female turtle is not eating?

With female turtles, lack of eating can also be a sign of dystocia, which means that she has eggs unable to pass normally from her body. It’s normal for hibernating turtles to be lethargic, but a normal, healthy and active turtle should move around their tank and respond to stimuli like food, interaction with you, and his cage habitat.

What to do if your pet turtle stops eating?

If your turtle does stop eating and you are concerned that it may be ill, be sure to schedule a checkup with your veterinarian. It’s always best to remove any uneaten food from a turtle’s enclosure to avoid a mess from cast-off and decaying matter, which can make the tank water get very nasty.

What happens if you give a turtle too much food?

Turtles will also “beg” for food when you pass by their enclosure or venture near that coveted food shelf. While it’s hard to resist, overfeeding a turtle can lead to serious consequences. Coates warns that obesity and hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease) are two conditions that are related to overfeeding pet turtles.

When does an outside box turtle stop eating?

If your turtle is getting less than 12 hours of a light a day, it will probably stop eating. If you have an outside box turtle, you will need to adjust the light source with the seasons.

Why is my turtle not eating in the tank?

Older turtles are already used to eating in the tank, and if you move them somewhere else they can get scared, and might not eat. The second best method, and also the more passive one is getting a better water filter. Water filters are usually rated for: 30 gallons, 40 gallons, 60 gallons, etc.

Why is my turtle not basking in the Sun?

A loud stereos system that is placed right near the tank can cause a lot of stress for a turtle. A cat or a dog that is always trying to get in the tank can also cause a lot of stress. Taking your turtle and trying to spin it on your finger like a basketball can cause a lot of stress.

What should I do if my baby turtle is not eating?

After your turtle successfully starts eating pellets again, you should start giving her a more diversified diet, and only give your turtle live prey as treats only once or twice a month. A pregnant turtle will act very strange, she will stop eating, she will stop basking, she will try to dig everywhere]

What can I Feed my turtle to get it to eat?

If you feed your turtle only meat for a long period of time it will be hard to get them to eat anything else, but it can be done. The best way you can solve this is by taking a tuna can and taking all the tuna out of it and leaving the oil, water and juices from the fish inside the can.