Why is my turtles skin pale?

Fuzzy white or gray patches on your turtle’s skin may indicate fungal infection. Normal skin shedding doesn’t produce white patches, redness or swelling. Skin fungus is often caused by poor water quality or an inadequate basking area.

What does a red ear slider turtle look like?

Your turtle’s skin may look hazy a few days before molting begins—this is old skin starting to disconnect from the body. Unlike other molting reptiles, such as snakes, a red-eared slider’s molting skin isn’t likely to come off in one single piece.

Why is the skin on my red ear slider peeling?

Some types of shell and skin disease can develop due to inadequate nutrition or injury. This can make your red-eared slider prone to infection or even lead to internal problems. Also keep an eye out for incomplete sheds. This usually happens in habitats without enough moisture.

Where can I buy a red eared slider?

Red Eared Sliders are one of the most popular pet turtles in the pet trade, being found for sale all over the United States. While their natural coloration is most commonly found when looking to buy a red eared slider, these adorable turtles do have various morphs or colors for sale if you know where to look!

Which is the most gorgeous red eared slider morph?

The first morph on our list is the gorgeous charcoal morph. The name is pretty self explanatory – this morph creates a gorgeous turtle that is a charcoal color. Everything from the shell, the skin, and even the eyes are a gorgeous charcoal grey, and absolutely stunning. 2. Pied

Why does my red ear slider turtle have pink tinges?

Swelling can indicate a Kidney issue. Turtles are predisposed to this type of problem. The other issue sending up red flags is the pink tinge can be a sign of a septicemia which is a systemic infection affecting the who body. The fact you noticed this is good, because if there is something brewing we are catching it early on. Your Diet is perfect.

How old is a red ear slider turtle?

My Red Eared Slider… My Red Eared Slider Turtle (est 10 years?) skin on the legs, butt, arms,neck, and web of the toes are turning pink. There is a shade of pink to the plastron that i dont recall was there a few days ago. Water temp is at 77, Basking area is at 71 but her shell is reading 85 degrees….

What kind of eyes does a red eared slider have?

Lacking green pigmentation, albino red eared sliders are a mix of pale yellows, creams and pinks, with reddy-pink eyes. The red patch behind the eyes that give the red eared slider it’s name are still there, but instead of red they are a darker pink color.

What does a pastel red eared slider look like?

The pastel morph produces a turtle with normal coloration, just slightly lighter. In this case, the red eared slider has a gorgeous mix of pale greens and yellow, and gorgeous light green eyes. 4. Hypo Pastel