Why is my veiled chameleon not eating?

A chameleon not eating for a day or two, or even up to a week, is still considered to have a normal appetite. Chameleons do not need to eat every day to be healthy; they only need to drink water daily. If you notice your chameleon does not eat for a couple of days, there is no reason to be alarmed.

How do I get my chameleon to eat?

The first thing to do is offer them a juicy chameleon treat. The best thing for this is a wax worm as chameleons go nuts for them, it’s their equivalent of chocolate! If your chameleon eats this it’s likely they’re just being picky eaters. Adding different insects should get them eating again.

Can you over feed a chameleon?

Chameleon Enthusiast Yes it is possible to overfeed chams, but usually only after they have become 12-18 months.

Is my chameleon dead or hibernating?

A chameleon is a cold blooded animal, so he will feel cold to you if his body temperature is below yours. That is not a sign that he has died, but that he might not be in a place where he is as warm as he should be. A cold chameleon will slow right down, especially a cold dying or ill chameleon.

Is it normal for a chameleon to not eat anything?

This is normal, sometimes the chameleon just does not feel its best or something happened that temporarily causes it to refuse to eat. You should not worry about this. A chameleon can easily handle two or three days of not eating anything without harmful effects. Just be sure that it does drink.

How to know if your veiled chameleon is healthy?

A healthy 3-month old veiled chameleon. The other way around, what are the signs of an unhealthy chameleon? Those are basically the same but then the reverse of what is mentioned above: Closed or half-closed eyes Eyes that are not rounded but more dented, as if they are not under pressure Liquid coming from the eyes Liquid coming from the nose

Why does my Chameleon refuse to eat crickets?

Some reasons why a chameleon will refuse to eat. These causes are harmless: Upcoming skin shedding. For adult females: upcoming egg laying. The chameleon is fed-up with eating one feeder insect but will accept others (e.g. too much crickets, but it will readily eat a caterpillar)

Why is my Chameleon not shedding its skin?

A chameleon that is healthy and is kept in a terrarium with proper air humidity will shed its skin pretty quickly. If you see a chameleon that does not seem to get rid of its skin, it is unlikely that you just caught it in the middle of a molt. It is probably shedding its skin slower than it should because of low air humidity or weakness.

Why is my Chameleon not eating any food?

Most of the time chameleons stop eating due to minor issues, especially boredom with the same food, and they’re just on strike to pressure you into providing more variety! If you suspect any deeper issues or you’re just worried anyway then take them to a vet.

What’s the average weight of a veiled chameleon?

Weight – If you have a digital scale weigh your chameleon to check they’re not underfed. A good weight for an adult male panther, Jackson or veiled chameleon is between 80 and 180 grams and females between 60 and 130 grams.

When to take a chameleon to the vet?

A good rule of thumb is if you suspect a minor issue as to why your chameleon hasn’t eaten and it’s been 7 to 10 days since they last ate then you need to take them to the vet. Chameleons can go without food this long OK but any longer than that, regardless of the suspected cause, I recommend a vet visit.

What to do if a chameleon opens its mouth?

Mouth – When a chameleon opens their mouth check for any signs of yellow pus, increased saliva or any possible wounds on the mouth or tongue swelling. If you see any of these I recommend a vet visit.

How long can a veiled chameleon go without eating?

A chameleon can easily handle two or three days of not eating anything without harmful effects.