Why is there white stuff coming out of my chameleons nose?

Why is there white stuff coming out of my chameleons nose?

Iguanids that are herbivores have nasal salt glands that excrete excess sodium chloride through sneezing. This clear fluid from the sneeze dries into a fine, white powder. However, chameleons don’t perform this activity, so this must be something else.

Why does my chameleon keep sneezing?

Chameleons have a nasal salt gland to allow them to get rid of excess salts. Since it is located just inside the nose they sneeze to forcefully expel the salt secretions so they don’t build up.

Why does my chameleon have a white spot on his head?

the white patch is just him shedding.

Why does my male Veiled Chameleon have white head?

Though my male veiled chameleon shed his whole skin a few days ago his hole head isn’t white/grey like the previous posts. Its just along the back sides of the casque and around and between his eyes. Should I wait to see if it goes way with the next shed?

How can you tell if a chameleon is dehydrated?

The most obvious sign of chameleon dehydration is in its urates, the white part of its poop. If this white part is a yellow color it means more water needs to be provided. If it’s orange then your chameleon is starting to become seriously dehydrated.

Why are chameleons so good at hiding their symptoms?

It’s also due to the fact chameleons can get sick pretty easily if these specific requirements aren’t taken care of. Of course, an animal getting sick is nothing new but when a chameleon gets sick they are very good at hiding their symptoms.

Why does a chameleon get a skin infection?

Skin infections in chameleons usually result from too much humidity in an overly wet environment. So making sure your humidity levels are appropriate for the species of chameleon you have will go a long way to preventing them. Allowing the cage to dry out between mistings also prevents this.

Why does my chameleon keep coughing?

This is an infection, or pneumonia, located in the lungs and pulmonary sacks of Chameleons. Your Chameleon’s immune system is constantly fighting these off and, as long as the immune system is healthy, a balance is kept. However, once the immune system is weakened the bacteria can take hold.