What kind of dog is a Chihuahua Rat Terrier mix?

Chihuahua-Rat Terrier Mix is a wonderful cross for anyone who wants a frisky and kittenish dog that demands very little care, but a lot of attention and affection. There are some rather intriguing facts about this mixed dog breed.

What does a chihuahua terrier mix look like?

To understand what your Chihuahua Terrier Mix may look like, it is a good idea to take a look at the parent breeds. This will give you the best indication. Depending on which Terrier breed is their parent, their appearance can vary.

How old is Maggie the Rat Terrier / Chihuahua mix?

Maggie is a 4 1\2 month old Chihuahua\Rat Terrier mix. She seems to be on the smaller side like her mom. Having a terrible time with her biting when playing. She is not an aggressive dog; however. I have a ratchi RIO.

What’s the average lifespan of a Chihuahua Rat Terrier?

The average estimated lifespan of a Chihuahua-Rat Terrier Mix is between 10 – 15 years. If you are looking for an energetic companion dog and don’t have any young children or other dogs in your home, then a Chihuahua-Rat Terrier Mix will be the best bet.

What is the temperament of a Rat Terrier?

Temperament. The Rat Terrier is often a loyal and energetic companion, very playful, and always on a quest for fun and adventure. They’re usually eager to please and learn quickly but do have a stubborn streak and can become easily bored and distracted. They are somewhat reserved with strangers.

What do you call a Chihuahua Rat Terrier mix?

The Rat-Cha is a mixed dog the result of pairing a Chihuahua with a Rat Terrier. She is also called a Rat-Chi or Ratchi, or a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier Mix.

What is a rat Cha dog?

The Rat-Cha is a hybrid dog that is made up of a combination of two different purebreeds. It’s a cross between the Rat Terrier and the Chihuahua.

What is a Chihuahua rat?

Rat Terrier Chihuahua. The Rat Terrier Chihuahua is a cross between the Rat Terrier and the Chihuahua. It is often referred to as the “Rat-Cha” and is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) and the Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC). In the minds of some, a cross of any two breeds results in a mutt.