The United States is truly a boat lover’s dream considering that it is one of the few countries in the world that offer miles of coastlines and thousands of lakes to explore. Sailing to one of these locations in the US while you are aboard and enjoying a highly reputable top-of-the-line Viking Yachts with its renowned manufacturing capabilities, can indeed be a magical and memorable experience.

Benton County, Arkansas

The clean water of the 28,000-acre Beaver Lake up in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas is considered one of the best sailing destinations in the US. Boaters and sailors are flocking to explore the forested channels and coastlines and get a chance to fish in the glass-clear waters of this fantastic lake. The parks in this region have been developed and considered protected to preserve its natural beauty for future generations to enjoy too.

The Keys, Florida

Most boat enthusiasts consider the Florida Keys as a more boat-centric place compared to others. It stretches 100 miles from the southern tip of Florida into the Gulf of Mexico’s crystal clear blue waters. It is considered as a tropical wonderland of 800 barely-above-water islands, and an astounding 6,000 reefs. Many activities are done here, such as fishing, snorkeling, sailing, wakeboarding, and water skiing while away the sunshine-filled days.

Santa Catalina Island, California

California being the country’s seaside state, offers pacific coasts that stretch along for thousands of miles. It is considered a quintessential Californian boating experience if you come here to soak up the laid-back beach vibe, to gawp at the natural beauty of the coastline, and to marvel at the views while you cruise this boating destination. Dolphins and whales are also seen in these waters, so people are always warned to watch out.

Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee, offers boaters to explore the 373 miles of Tellico Lake’s shoreline. It is considered one of the United States’ big watery playground. Often overlooked by outsiders, this destination offers miles of navigable waterways to explore. Most people come here to explore hidden coves off the coast.

Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii’s dramatic natural beauty is legendary because it is considered to be in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. These volcano-laden shores make for one of the country’s most astounding sailing destinations. Recreational boaters come here to enjoy the wonderfully warm and soothing breeze and the exotic scenery that only a little or few destinations can genuinely offer. Humpback whales and fantastic coral reefs where you can do snorkeling are some of the breathtaking scenes you can see here.

Lake Superior, Michigan

The Isle Royale National Park is a fantastic wilderness accessible only by boat or seaplane and teeming with incredible wildlife. This destination offers vast forests, lining the coast, which is studded with caves and small islets. At night, watch the stars shine in the inkiest of dark skies or set off on a backcountry camping expedition in the morning. The choice is yours.

San Juan Islands, Washington State

Some of the best wildlife viewings can be done here. Orcas, Humpback whales, Minke whales, and Grey whales frequent these waters. Sea lions and harbor seals join the melee too. People can also witness the most significant concentrations of bald eagles flying over the coasts. Combined with the abundance of wildlife-spotting opportunities, this destination is a boater’s paradise. Being here is like stepping back in time, a place where seagulls screech in the skies too. Boaters are welcomed with open arms by the calm waters and abundant wildlife.

If you and your family has not yet decided on a destination to sail, these places offer more than enough reasons to be on the water. The United States provides many sailing destinations. Be adventurous and float out and own the experience.