Can female guinea pigs share a cage?

It’s absolutely fine for guinea pigs to share a cage, in fact, they will much prefer sharing a cage than living on their own. They enjoy the stimulation of being with other guinea pigs. Guinea pigs talk to each other, they help each other, they keep each other company even if they aren’t talking to one another.

Is it normal for female guinea pigs to fight?

Why do female guinea pigs fight? It isn’t often that female guinea pigs fight, but when they do, it can be for dominance. These encounters shouldn’t last long once a hierarchy has been established. It is best to keep an eye on them to make sure things don’t escalate.

How long does it take to breed a guinea pig?

Breeding guinea pigs is usually straightforward, but the results aren’t quick. The sow (female) and boar (male) need to be together for at least 17 days, and the gestation period is then around nine weeks. There is also quite a small window for safely breeding your female guinea pig.

When to put two guinea pigs together in a cage?

If they are coming from two different places then these things need to be considered. 1. For at least 2 weeks, keep them separate. Put them in separate cages next to each other so they cant see each other but can hear and smell each other. This is so that the guinea pigs can be checked out to see if they have and kind of disease.

Are there any issues with breeding guinea pigs?

Breeding guinea pigs is not without its issues. These can impact both the sow and her babies. Female guinea pigs can struggle to give birth if their first mating is after their first birthday. This is due to their pelvic bones fusing in position, and struggling to allow the fully formed baby to pass through and out into the world.

What’s the best way to prevent guinea pigs from breeding?

Neutering a male is generally easier than spaying a female. However, guinea pigs often do not react well to surgery, anesthesia, or being kept in unfamiliar surroundings. The safest, easiest, and least expensive way to prevent breeding is to house male and female guinea pigs separately.

How big do guinea pigs need their cage to be?

So, here is a guideline for you to determine the space needed by your guinea pigs: For a guinea pig, generally, 30″ x 36″ is the right size for the cage two guinea pigs would require 7.5 square feet (minimum), but 10.5 square feet is preferred 30″ x 50″ is the right size, as three guinea pigs usually take up 10.5 square feet (minimum), but 13 square feet is preferred

What type of Cage do guinea pigs need?

Luckily, you can make a safe, suitable guinea pig cage from wire shelving and corrugated plastic. This type of cage is usually called a C&C cage, which stands for “cubes and Coroplast .”.

What goes in a guinea pig cage?

A good guinea pig cage system should include a water bottle, a hay holder, a food bowl for pellets, a separate sleeping dome, a salt wheel and a large exercise wheel. A few ladders and platforms may be useful, but guinea pigs are not great climbers and prefer to say on the ground floor.

What is the best habitat for guinea pigs?

Guinea Pig Habitat. In the wild on the grassy plains, guinea pigs lived in small groups or “herds”. The ideal habitat of a wild (or feral) guinea pig are savannas, forest edges, rocky areas, and swamp lands.