Can I feed my corn snake two days in a row?

There is no real harm in feeding 2 days in a row now and again, but I wouldn’t recommend it long term. Snakes need time to digest and use the energy they get from food, so having a full belly all the time is not good.

What time of day should I feed my corn snake?

I usually feed at about 8ish pm which i found to be perfect for them, or on the odd occasion about 6-7am as they are just about to settle again for the day, (depending on the snake).

How long can a baby corn snake go without eating?

Baby corn snakes aren’t like their adult counterparts. An adult corn snake can go for two weeks without eating or up to 3 months if, in brumation, but baby snakes can’t do this. Baby corn snakes don’t need to be fed every day, but they will need to eat every 5-7 days. If they go longer than a week, it’s a sign of concern.

Why do corn snakes eat so much food?

Corn snakes are opportunistic feeders, and will eat as much as they can, in case there’s a shortage of food later on. There wouldn’t be, since they’re pets, but they don’t understand that – It’s instinctual. Unless they’re in separate containers, it’s quite probable that they get different amounts of food each feeding time.

How to tell if a corn snake is sick?

A sick corn snake won’t just stop eating; it’s usually accompanied by some of these other signs: 1 Lethargy 2 Difficulty breathing 3 Wrinkled skin 4 Abnormal droppings 5 Regurgitation/vomiting or weight loss 6 Lumps or swelling 7 Swelling or discharge

What’s the best temperature to feed a corn snake?

Well-established Pantherophis guttatus can withstand chilly temperatures of 10 °C (50 °F), or even less, when brumating without food or during shipping. But active, feeding corns should have a warm spot of the 30 °C (85°F) available to help digest food.

Where are corn snakes found in the United States?

It is found throughout the southeastern and central United States. Though superficially resembling the venomous copperhead and often killed as a result of this mistaken identity, corn snakes lack functional venom and are harmless and beneficial to humans by helping to control populations of wild rodent pests that damage crops and spread disease.

What kind of food do you feed a corn snake?

Corn snakes should be fed on frozen mice, which can be bought online or from many pet shops. The size of the mouse depends on the size of the snake, and mice one and half times the size of the snake’s head are appropriate.

How old do corn snakes have to be to eat one another?

Corn snakes in captivity (especially hatchlings) have been known on occasion to eat one another, with both snakes involved dying. The main exception is a breeding pair. If you wish to breed, check that your female is 300g, 3 feet (0.9 m) long and 3 years old (333 rule) and consult a good book.

Why does my corn snake have a problem shedding?

The shedding problem is almost always caused by a lack of humidity in the corn’s cage. When a corn snake is approaching its shed, its eyes will turn blue and opaque. This is the signal that it will begin to shed in the next 4-10 days.