Can you keep more than one species of tortoise together?

Whilst more than one tortoise of the same species can be kept together (although there are a few caveats to this, which I’ll cover below), the same cannot be said for keeping different species together.

How old does a tortoise have to be to be male?

If they are slow growiing, that is where age also comes into play and you could see these characteristics start in a 5-6 yr old that is only 12″. I have been surprised many times how one that looks very female will suddenly change at 15″ even and turn out to be male.

Are there any tortoises that can be domesticated?

While these two species of tortoise can be domesticated, as they require a more specified environment, including a yard that they can burrow in, they are best reserved for experts. However, as they are native to the USA (mostly in the Mojave desert), you have seen one of these species in the wild.

When does a tortoise reach its maximum size?

Tortoises have a somewhat similar average lifespan to humans, meaning they also tend to reach their maximum size (in length, not necessarily weight) at around 15-20 years of age. Check online for the average adult male or female length for your species, then measure your tortoise for comparison.

Can you have more than one type of tortoise?

Tortoises come from various parts of the world. Want more than one? Different species of tortoises get along great, but to help them come out of their shells—so to speak—group guys with guys, and gals with gals; tortoises are happier when grouped with the same gender.

How old do turtles have to be to breed?

How to Tell a Turtle’s Age. Turtles will only be able to breed once they reach maturity, so knowing if your turtle has ever bred can also help approximate its age. Turtles generally reach maturity between 5 to 8 years of age, and for tortoises it can be as many as 20 years to reach full maturity.

How old is a 52 Pound tortoise turtle?

“They have direct provenance to account for the age of the tortoise. If you saw this amazing 52 pound animal, you would assume it was old by its shell, but never would you think it would be over 130 years old.” Many turtle owners are undoubtedly curious as to the age of their pets.

Is it OK to have a tortoise as a pet?

Within captivity, there are rumours about them being a fragile species to care for, however when given the correct setup they can be just as easy as any other tortoise. They are another species that should not be hibernated therefore you have an all-year round pet!