Can you put Neosporin on a rabbit?

Can you put Neosporin on a rabbit?

Small shallow wounds may be cleaned with a clean cotton or gauze pad and some Betadine (may also use Peroxide, but never in deep cuts or punctures!). May use Neosporin (with NO pain killer/lidocaine, which can induce heart failure in rabbits).

Why does my rabbit have a sore leg?

In its most severe form, the skin wears away, infection sets in, and the rabbit has a painful sore leg. If you have a pet rabbit, be on the lookout for sore hocks and be prepared to treat it before it becomes a serious ailment.

What should I do if my rabbit has a sore Hock?

Take care not to force the rabbit over, as this can damage their spine. You may find it helps to cover the rabbit’s eyes with a towel as this has a naturally subduing effect. It’s a good idea to sit on the floor when checking your rabbit, just in case they wriggle and you let go. Judge the severity of the sore hocks.

Can you use Neosporin ointment on a deep cut?

Do not apply the ointment over large skin areas. Do not use on a deep cut, an animal bite, or a serious burn. Contact your doctor for instructions on how to treat these more severe skin injuries.

What should I do if my rabbit’s back legs stop working?

Treatment revolves around rest and patience. Your rabbit will not start to recover until the swelling reduces. Corticosteroids will help with this. Your bunny may also need pain management medication. Your rabbit will be hutch-bound throughout this time, and likely fed up. Spend as much time with them as you can.

What should I do if my rabbit hurt his leg?

If your rabbit will let you, the best way to treat a leg before taking your rabbit to the vet is to splint the leg with something firm. This will help reduce painful movements of the limb until your vet can examine the injury and treat it accordingly.

Why does my rabbit have a sore on its hock?

There are many causes for ulcerative pododermatitis, including pressure sores where the soft tissues of the limbs of the rabbit become lodged or trapped between bone and hard surfaces.

What should I do if my rabbit has a sore paw?

If the condition gets to the point of your rabbit displaying an abnormal stance and walking pattern, it may have inflicted severe and permanent damage. Do not attempt to wrap up sore hocks if there are any open sores, as this may make the injury worse. If caught early, you should be able to treat sore hocks at home.

What causes a rabbit’s legs to stop working?

The most glaring risk is a fracture caused by mishandling, or a fall from height. There are other risk factors, though. If your rabbit’s hutch is too small, a bunny can twist their legs into unnatural positions. This leads to the rabbit dislocating their leg from their spine.