Do Devon Rex have short whiskers?

Unique Whiskers Devon Rex cats have extremely short whiskers. Not only are they short, their whiskers are very tightly curled.

What kind of cat is a Devon Rex?

Devon Rex – also known as “pixie cats” – is surprisingly not related to another popular cat breed, Cornish Rex. These cats have a short and curly coat with wide and huge ears that are set low on their head.

How long does it take to register a Devon Rex cat?

All cats are already vaccinated, dewormed, and spayed/neutered. One-month free pet insurance from Trupanion is also included but the buyers are the ones who should register their Devon Rex cats within 24 hours of ownership by using the given breeder code.

What kind of cat food should I Feed my Devon Rex cat?

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food offers the optimal nutrition that your cat needs. A 14-lb. bag only costs $19 that should be enough to feed them for a long time. Since this breed has a thinner coat, Devon Rex cats can be prone to sunburn if they are left outside for an extended time.

How did the Cornish Rex cat get its name?

Though it usually pertains to Cornish Rex cats’ curly hair, it actually came from when the judges in a rabbit show accepted the curly haired rabbits that King Albert I of Belgium entered. They were afraid to anger him so they wrote “Rex” on the score sheets which is Latin for “King”.

What kind of coat does a Devon Rex have?

The Devon Rex Kitten coat can sometimes be short and fine, or it can be thick and curly. Whatever it may be as a kitten a Devon Rex Cat will have a full curly coat. This is how it should be, Devon Rex DO NOT come in two coat types; ‘Suede ‘ is one term used to describe a short Devon Rex coat, there is no such thing.

When do Devon Rex kittens lose their hair?

Devon Rex Kittens may lose their hair whilst maturing, some older Devon Rex Cats may lose their hair in patches in summer but a curly coat is what a Devon Rex Kitten or Cat should have. If you would like a cat with little or no fur please see our Peterbald Cat website.

What kind of personality does a Devon Rex have?

The Devon Rex is a sociable cat that is happiest in the company of humans or other animals. While not as vocal as some breeds, these cats are definitely going to be seen and heard with an active personality and vocal behavior to gain your attention—and maybe a treat.

Where did the Devon Rex cat come from?

Eye Color: Varies widely from amber, aqua, blue, copper, green, gold, hazel, odd-eyed It’s widely accepted that this breed of cat has its origins in the Devonshire region of England in 1960. A female domestic short-haired cat mated with a stray tom cat with a peculiar curl to his coat.

Unique Whiskers Most cats have long whiskers that extend straight out of their muzzles, but the Devon Rex breaks away from that typical cat characteristic. Devon Rex cats have extremely short whiskers. Not only are they short, their whiskers are very tightly curled.

Why is my Devon Rex always hungry?

Due to their extremely active nature Devon Rex cats always seem to be hungry, and are known to beg for and steal food from their owner’s plates. Looking at their sorrowful facial expressions, they’ll have you believing that they haven’t had a decent meal in days.