Do goldfish need a heater in their tank?

Do goldfish need a heater in their tank?

All Goldfish are temperate fish and don’t absolutely require a heater, unlike fish like Discus that come from the steamy tropics. So long as your home has a decently warm constant temperature you may not need a heater even for Fancy Goldfish.

What should the water temperature be in a goldfish tank?

Avoid placing your tank in direct sunlight or near radiators so that your water temperature stays below this level. In terms of a minimum temperature, goldfish can survive in water that is close to freezing, however, you should really keep your tank temperature above 18°C / 65°F in order to encourage strong growth.

What kind of thermometer do you use for goldfish?

While digital thermometers are often the most accurate and easiest to read, even a simple stick-on model will suffice for a goldfish tank if you’re on a budget, since you don’t have to control the water temperature for a goldfish to a fraction of a degree.

Can a goldfish survive in cold water?

Goldfish are hardy fish that can survive a wide range of water conditions. This includes very cold and quite warm water. However, there are still some temperatures that are better for goldfish than others. Read on to find out:

Is it OK to put a goldfish tank in direct sunlight?

It’s not a good idea to place your goldfish tank too close to a window, or in direct sunlight. When it gets hot out, the water in the tank is likely to overheat, if it’s placed too close to a window, and in colder months, it can get cold or drafty. What Can We Take Away About Water Temperature for Goldfish?

What is the best temperature for goldfish?

When it gets too cold, they even hibernate. So, essentially, if you’re keeping your goldfish indoors, the optimal and recommended temperature is between 72 and 75 Fahrenheit, but they can be kept at lower, and slightly higher, temperatures.

What temperature water do goldfish like?

Proper Water Temperature. Goldfish thrive at temperatures between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, which is roughly room temperature or slightly below.

What is the best aquarium for goldfish?

Contrary to what a lot of people think, goldfish actually don’t thrive living in a small bowl. They actually need a much larger tank to grow to their full potential and live a long, healthy life. Our top pick for best goldfish tank is the SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium Combo.

What is the water temp in a fish tank?

Water temperature should remain consistent in your aquarium. For the vast majority of tropical fish, an aquarium water temperature of 76 to 78º Fahrenheit will be fine. Some species like cooler water and some prefer warmer water, but as a compromise, this range works well.