Do turtles like to be with other turtles?

In fact, most turtles prefer not having other turtles around. If your only reason for wanting to have two or more turtles is so that your one turtle “won’t be lonely,” don’t worry about that. Pet turtles don’t need company.

Do slider turtles eat other turtles?

While red-eared sliders (Trachemys scripta elegans) are not highly aggressive turtles, cannibalism can and occasionally does, occur. Even if your hatchlings avoid being eaten by the adults, they must still compete with them for the finite resources of the cage, such as food, space and basking spots.

Is it legal to collect red eared slider turtles?

Collecting turtles from the wild may not be legal where you live. Because turtles produce relatively few eggs each year, the removal of an egg-laying adult female could be incredibly damaging to the success of wild populations. However, where red-eared slider turtles are not native, it may still be legal to collect them as pets.

Can a pond slider turtle be a pet?

Pond slider turtles are mid-sized aquatic turtles native to North America. This species is popularly kept as pets. They are quite easy to care for and have bright colorations and patterns. This makes sliders the perfect herptiles for beginners.

Are there any sliders that are friendly to humans?

Captive-bred sliders are friendly turtles. They will often swim up to their keepers expecting to be fed. They are approachable and aren’t as cautious around humans as many turtles are. Wild red-eared sliders on the other hands are scared of humans and will run into the water whenever approached.

What kind of shell does red ear slider turtle have?

(In captivity, they’re warmed with heat lamps .) Like other turtles, red-eared sliders have a fused backbone and ribs that together form their shell. This armor consists of a top shell, the carapace, and bottom shell, the plastron, that are joined together by the bridge.

Can a turtle outlive a slider pond?

Turtles are one of the only pets that may outlive several owners! Back when Forgotten Friend had a slider pond, we were able to slowly help Chomps and many other sliders. However, our turtle ponds are now used for native species which cannot cohabitate with sliders and we no longer have space to keep sliders.

Which is more aggressive a red ear slider or a painted turtle?

It all depends on your turtle as Reedbird said RES are known to be a little more aggressive but who knows what will happen. If you have a big enough tank and all go for it! But just remeber if there is agression you must seperate them which means new tank, new filter, new heater…you get the point. HJ. HJ.

Where can I buy a red ear slider turtle?

These turtles are often sold on a whim at fairs, boardwalks, and dollar stores, and many become impulse pets to uninformed consumers.

Can a native turtle be released into the wild?

Never release a turtle if it is not from the area; there is no exception to this. But my turtle is native and he’s still very young, yet I hear objections about people in the same situation as I am.

In fact, most turtles prefer not having other turtles around. Pet turtles don’t need company. Your turtle will more likely resent having another turtle in the tank than be happy about having a new friend.

Can two pet turtles live together?

Turtles of different species, in most cases, should not share a tank. While turtles of varying species can be tranquil together, the potential problem is a health matter. If one turtle comes from a different area than another, one might be invulnerable to ailments the other carries.

Do turtles need companions?

Turtles are not social creatures. They do not get lonely and do not need a friend. You can always put more than one turtle in the same tank, though some species tend to be more aggressive and some may fight, so this is best handled on a case by case basis. Turtles DO carry salmonella (so do all other reptiles).

Why do turtles eat their poop?

Red eared sliders are known to eat their poop, especially the feces of other elder turtles to gain healthy bacteria from the poop. Sometimes, red eared sliders do this so that they can digest some of the nutrients that they failed to ingest during the first time.

Will a turtle eat a snail?

So, do turtles eat snails? Yes, turtles do eat snails. Snails are part of turtles’ diet in their natural habitat.