Do you have to change water for axolotls?

There is no need to carry out water changes whilst the axolotls are in their eggs. Just have a thermometer in there so you can keep check on what temperature the eggs are being kept at. Unfortunately not all of the eggs will make it. There is little you can do at this point to achieve survival as if the egg is infertile that is that.

Is it normal for an axolotl to eat its young?

Axolotls will eat their young – please refer to the note above regarding an axolotl eating its eggs. Keep axolotl eggs in suitable container with water conditioned as normal. No need for water changes. Keeping axolotl eggs at higher temperatures will cause them to hatch earlier than if kept at a lower temperature.

Is it OK to remove eggs from axolotls?

You can choose to leave the eggs in with the growing embryos as they won’t cause any harm. This is however, unless you are concerned there may be fungus as this can spread to the developing eggs and so an infected egg is best removed. If you are unsure, simply place it into a container away from the rest.

How many eggs did Arbie the axolotl lay?

Miss Arbie laid roughly 350 odd eggs. Now, unless you have suitable homes for all of these, and you truly believe you can care for them all adequately and give them all a fair chance at life, it is kindest to cull the eggs you can’t sell on, or care for.

Can you have more than one axolotl at a time?

They have to be able to freely move around and eat in private without the other ones bothering them. However, it is worth noting that Axolotls are best to be kept alone. This creature is not going to feel lonely at all.

Can a metamorphosed axolotl have a long life?

Sadly, most metamorphosed axolotls have a shortish life. They are not meant to morph, it´s not natural, and so, it usually works out badly. If the axolotl was young when it morphed, the chances are better. The set-up could be improved. They, like other ambystomatids, are borrowing creatures that love to dig themselves a nice hole.

Do you need a planted tank for an axolotl?

While not common, axolotls can jump. It is not worth the risk of coming home to find your axolotl on the floor. Avoid the lids with lights as they can stress your axi unless you keep them off. They can be useful for planted tanks but I do not recommend a planted tank for a beginner.

What happens when you pick up an axolotl in Minecraft?

Unlike fish, dolphins, and squid, axolotls do not die on land during rain or a thunderstorm . As aquatic mobs, they take extra damage from the Impaling enchantment. Axolotls picked up with a bucket and re-spawned do not despawn. They spin around at high speeds when attached to a lead on land due to a glitch.