Is it OK to put two leopard geckos together?

Housing two male leopard geckos together is generally a bad idea. They can be territorial, and will very likely fight. Fighting between two males can result in injuries. It’s not uncommon for a leopard gecko to not only lose the fight, but frequently lose its tail as well.

When can you put two leopard geckos together?

Male and female leopard geckos should be housed separately until they have matured and reached their full size. If they live together as hatchlings, it’s likely that the male will steal the female’s food without anything she can do about it (and stunt her growth).

Can I introduce a new leopard gecko in with my current gecko?

If you are planning to introduce a new gecko to an existing group of gecko, this process even plays a more important part. The duration of this quarantine process should last about three months. If there is any gecko is infected with parasites, bring them to the vet and try to cure them and continue to monitor them.

Why do leopard geckos sleep on top of each other?

This behavior isn’t cute or a sign of affection though, but a sign of geckos trying to establish dominance over the other. Following- If you watch your geckos a lot you might notice one of your geckos following the other more. This is another sign of one gecko trying to be more dominant.

How big of an enclosure do I need for a leopard gecko?

General rules for housing leopard geckos are as follows: 1 A 10-gallon enclosure is sufficient for babies, while an adult needs 20 gallons. 2 A 15- 20-gallon tank can be large enough for two adult leopard geckos, but there should only be one male per habitat. 3 Ideally add 10 gallons to your tank size for each adult gecko.

What happens if you try to pick up a leopard gecko?

If you are nervous and jittery about handling your gecko, it will sense your unease. If you rush in quickly and try to pick it up, it will feel threatened. If you are relentless and corner it, it will be fearful and defensive. Instead, if you are calm and confident, your gecko can sense this and follow your lead.

When is the best time to buy a leopard gecko?

If you have the opportunity, buy your leopard gecko when it is young. Young geckos are fragile and require a delicate touch. Leopard geckos that become used to handling at an early age usually are more docile and calm as they grow.

How often should I change my leopard gecko’s water?

Water should be changed at least every other day. Leopard geckos are ectothermic animals, meaning that their body temperature depends on their surroundings. That is why you need to provide a fairly constant temperature in their tank, as well as a temperature gradient – a warmer and a cooler area within the terrarium.