What breeds make a Brittany?

Bred from French Spaniels and possibly English Pointers, Brittanys were prized for their versatility in the field, being able to do the work of up to four types of hunting dogs in one. Muscular and agile, the medium sized Brittany is both graceful and quick.

What kind of dog is a Brittany dog?

The Brittany is classified as a utility gun dog, which means they hunt, point, flush and retrieve game. They are the smallest of the breeds known as the versatile gun dogs.

How big does a Brittany Spaniel dog get?

Health Breed Name Brittany Other Names Also known as Brittany Spaniel, Brittany Breed Size Medium Height Between 17 and 21 inches at the withers Weight Between 14 and 20 kg

How did the Brittany Spaniel get its name?

Originally the breed was registered as the Brittany spaniel. The breed combines many talents such as pointing like a setter, and retrieving like a spaniel. In 1982 the breed gave up its classification as a spaniel, and its official American Kennel Club name was changed to Brittany.

What kind of home do you need for a Brittany dog?

Homes with a fenced yard or lots of land are best. As with many energetic breeds, if left on its own too often the Brittany may become bored and can be prone to barking, roaming, or other destructive behavior. The Brittany requires weekly brushing of their coat to remove excess hair and dirt.

Is a Brittany the right dog breed for You?

If you want a dog who will snuggle on the couch all day, the Brittany might not be the best choice for you . The Brittany is typically a bright, athletic and family-oriented dog. He’s a French breed from the province of Brittany and was developed to point and retrieve in different types of terrain.

What are the characteristics of Brittany dogs?

Brittany Physical Characteristics. The Brittany is a medium-sized dog with fold-over ears and bobtails (naturally short tails.) The nose of the Brittany is never black. Color(s) The breed can be orange and white or liver and white.

What is the best dog food for a Brittany?

Brittany’s are naturally lean, muscular dogs and extra weight won’t be doing them any favors as they grow. My recommendation as the best dog food for Brittanys in the puppy stage is Hill’s Ideal Balance Puppy Chicken and Rice.

What is the life expectency of a Brittany Spaniel?

The average lifespan of a healthy Brittany dog is normally between 14 – 16 years. The male and female Brittany Spaniel’s weigh between 20 to 23 kg. Belgian Malinois Are Originally Bred To Be Herding Dogs And Now Used As Protection And Police Dogs.