What does it mean when guinea pigs stop squeaking?

Incessant squeaking in a guinea pig can be a sign of attention-seeking behavior. If your guinea pig won’t stop squealing, he could be communicating to you that he wants your company. He might want you to pet him for a couple of minutes, or he might want you to play with him.

Why did my guinea pig stop wheeking so much?

With this in mind, here are a few possible causes that could make a guinea stop wheeking: * Your guinea pig was lonely before, but now has a friend. The rumblestrut could mean your guinea pig is interested in mating or establishing dominance with the new pig.

What should I do if my guinea pig is anxious?

Purchase a larger cage. Guinea pigs are naturally social animals, and do best in a pair or within a small group. Simply put, guinea pigs need to be with other guinea pigs! However, having a cage mate won’t relieve your guinea pig’s anxiety very much if the cage is too small.

How can I get my guinea pig to stop biting me?

It is recommended to use a towel or any other cloth to pick up your guinea pig. Swinging it around and giving it to other people creates nothing but fear in your guinea pig, and hence, the obvious discomfort is what makes it bite you.

Why does my guinea pig not want to play?

However, different situations can make guinea pigs feel anxious and stressed, which may not make them not as fun to play with. If your guinea pig feels anxious, find ways to relieve this anxiety make him a happy guinea pig again. Purchase a larger cage. Guinea pigs are naturally social animals and do best in a pair or within a small group.

Is it possible to get a guinea pig to stop biting?

However there is no guarantee that neutering will stop the biting completely. Dominance is not solely based on testosterone levels. If your guinea pig is biting the bars of its cage, it could mean that the animal is lonely and wants attention. It might not be exhibiting menacing behavior, but calling out for attention.

How to treat eye infections and problems in guinea pigs?

The pain from the ulcer may cause your guinea pig to stop eating and then even develop ileus. Corneal ulcers can be treated with special prescription eye ointments from your exotics vet. Some of these ointments are antibiotics and some are made specifically to heal ulcers.

What’s the best way to treat a guinea pig?

Before introducing food or bedding into the cage, make a habit of freezing it for a day. The extreme cold temperatures will kill off any potential parasites that may have been lurking in the packages. Spaying your female guinea pig is definitely recommended.

Why is my guinea pig not eating anything?

Things as simple as moving the cage or introducing a new guinea pig, or an upper respiratory infection or ectoparasites like lice can stress your guinea pig out enough so that it doesn’t eat and develops ileus. Monitor food intake and be aware of how any changes may have impacted your pet.