What does reptile expert mean?

Herpetologists are specialized biologists or zoologists that provide care and conduct research on a wide variety of reptilian and amphibian species.

What do you call people who like reptiles?

Etymology. The word herpetology is from Greek: ἑρπετόν, herpetón, “creeping animal” and -λογία, -logia, “knowledge”. People with an avid interest in herpetology and who keep different reptiles or amphibians often refer to themselves as “herpers”.

What is reptile in a sentence?

any cold-blooded vertebrate of the class Reptilia including tortoises turtles snakes lizards alligators crocodiles and extinct forms. 1. The frog is not a true reptile. 2.

Where can I get a licence for a reptile in NSW?

join or contact reptile groups (called herpetological societies), see list of groups you can join. go to a licensed pet shop or licensed animal keeper . discounts available for pensioners and online applications. by telephone with Service NSW: 13 77 88.

What is the Reptile Brain in a trial?

What is the Reptile Brain Trial Strategy? In their book, Reptile: The 2009 Manual of the Plaintiff’s Revolution, authors Don C. Keenan and David Ball advocate persuading jurors by appealing to their “reptile brains,” the “oldest” part of the brain and the part responsible for primitive survival instincts.

Can you keep more than one reptile as a pet?

you do not have to submit records to the NPWS Wildlife Team for animals kept under a Companion Animal Keepers Licence. renew your licence. With this licence you can keep more than one reptile as a pet. You can also add another class of animal if you want to keep a bird or other kind of native animal as a pet.

What are the hallmarks of the reptile strategy?

Hallmarks of the Reptile Strategy in Litigation 1 Establish Danger to Community. One of the most important concepts of the Reptile Approach is the concept of the “Safety… 2 Jury Has the Power to Improve the Community’s Safety. Showing the danger is only the first step. The second step is… More …

Where can I go to ask a reptile expert?

Verified reptile experts are online around the clock and ready to answer your question online or by phone. Ask-a-doc Web sites: If you’ve got a quick question, you can try to get an answer from sites that say they have various specialists on hand to give quick answers… Justanswer.com.

How to sell reptile supplies and live reptiles?

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What makes a reptile different from other reptiles?

A reptile that gets too warm needs to cool down, and would typically do so via water or shade. If too cold, they use the sun’s rays to warm up to the right temperature. Another distinguishing characteristic of reptiles are the scales that cover their bodies, which can come in large, small, hard, or soft varieties.

How old do you have to be to be a reptile vet?

Have owned turtles, snakes, amphibians, and lizards. Study and provide habitat for wild herps. 35+ years experience as veterinary tech and 40+ years experience doing reptile rescues. 15 years experience in veterinary medicine, special interest in reptiles and arachnids.