What dog breed gets along with Yorkies?

Which other breeds are most compatible with the Yorkshire Terrier? Because Yorkies have such big personalities the best companion dog for them will be one with a more docile personality. Herding breeds (such as the Collies), Mastiffs, Great Danes as well as Labradors and Golden Retrievers are all good choices.

When can I breed my Yorkie?

Determine if your Yorkie is old enough to breed. A female Yorkie should not be used for breeding until she is 2 years old. A male Yorkie will generally have viable sperm when he is over a year old.

What do you need to know about breeding a Yorkshire Terrier?

This is a very important issue to take into consideration if you are interested in breeding Yorkshire terriers. They need to be fed quality food so that they can remain strong and healthy. There is plenty involved with Yorkshire terrier breeding.

Where can I find Yorkie and Yorkshire terrier mixes?

Because the Yorkie is such a popular breed, they’ve become an extremely popular parent breed for many different types of mixed breeds. There’s also the occasional off breed, where you’ll find a Yorkie mix at a local shelter or adoption agency. Below you’ll find 20 of the most common Yorkie mixes that you’ll encounter just about anywhere you go.

What kind of dog looks like a Yorkshire Terrier?

While Borkies have a coat that looks a lot like Yorkies, their physical build tends to mirror the Beagle more than the Yorkshire Terrier. These energetic dogs love to be part of a family environment. A cross between a Pekingnese and a Yorkshire Terrier, two apartment-sized dogs were mixed to create the Yorkinese.

What kind of dog is a Parti Yorkie?

1. Parti Yorkies 2. Biewer Yorkshire Terrier 3. Designer “Yorkies” 4. Teacup Yorkies 5. Black Yorkies 6. Yorkshire Terriers 7. Mismarked Yorkies 1. Parti Yorkies Yorkie puppies have coats with blue and gold, blue and tan, black and gold and black and tan colors. When we say Parti Yorkies, these dogs have three colors or tri-colors.

Are there any breeds similar to the Yorkshire Terrier?

Similar breeds and crosses. Two other breeds that look similar to the Yorkshire Terrier and have shorter hair are the prick-eared Norwich Terrier, along with its drop-eared relative the Norfolk Terrier. Another is the Biewer Terrier, which derives from the Yorkshire Terrier. The Biewer Terrier, bred from a blue,…

When is the best time to breed a Yorkshire Terrier?

If you plan to breed your Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) there are some very important issues to consider long before you mate your dog.

What kind of dog is a particolour Yorkshire Terrier?

Common origin of Biewer and particolour Yorkshire Terrier from purebred Blue and Tan Yorkshire Terriers with ancestors, that were carriers of the recessive Piebald gene. The Yorkshire Terrier is a tan dog with a blue saddle. Particolours exist, although they are not correct for the breed standard.

What are the different breeds of Yorkie mixes?

Yorkie Mixed Breeds. 1 Yorkillon. Breeds: Yorkshire Terrier and Papillon. 2 Torkie. 3 Havashire. 4 Goldenshire. 5 Chorkie. More items