What happens to a betta fish when it gets old?

What happens to a betta fish when it gets old?

Once-vibrant blue scales may slowly turn into a shade of brown or gray over time, with only a hint of their former color. 2. Stops Making Bubble Nests (If He Ever Did) Some healthy, in-their-prime bettas make bubble nests every few weeks in the hopes that a female will come by and mate with them, and some bettas only make a few nests within a year.

Why is my Betta not eating the water?

When you add new water to your tank it’s going to have a different pH, ammonia level, etc to what your betta is used to. Once your betta acclimatizes, however, he should go back to eating happily again. If your betta isn’t eating after a water change then the solution is normally to just try again in a few hours.

What to do if your betta fish is sick?

Bubbles are one of the clearest habits you can keep track of when it comes to betta fish, although you can also keep a camera by your tank to keep track of his activity level as that will be a lot more conclusive. If you do think your betta is sick, I highly recommend checking out my list of the most common symptoms you will see in sick bettas.

Is it normal for Betta fish to lay at the bottom?

Betta fish are usually fairly active fish, although bettas do take short periods of time when they sleep, nap and rest, it is not normal for betta fish to lay at the bottom of the tank, especially not in the open where they feel exposed.

Why are some of my betta fish not eating?

You only need to buy the food once and it’s going to last a VERY long time. Sometimes you may notice a betta fish not eating because of the temperature in the tank. Bettas are cold-blooded which means a lot of their energy is based on the temperature around them.

What happens to a betta fish’s fins in old age?

Like hair losing its lushness in old age, old betta fins may become frayed or twisted over time. If it’s not illness or old age, it may be the pH, as harder water tends to make the ends on fins curl.

How can I Keep my betta fish from getting sick?

The best way to keep your betta fish from getting sick is to keep them happy and healthy by following proper betta fish care. It’s always better to be proactive than reactive. Just like you wouldn’t want to be freezing or living in a dirty and cramped home, your betta fish doesn’t either!

How long can a betta fish live without food?

A Betta can survive for up to two weeks without food however this is not something we ever recommend doing. If you’re planning a vacation, try to find someone to keep up with the regular feeding schedule, or use an automatic fish feeder. How Long Do Betta Fish Live In A Bowl?