What to do if a tortoise keeps its eyes shut?

Many people think that something is wrong with a tortoise’s eyes if it begins to keep them shut. In fact, this is rarely serious. If a tortoise keeps its eyes shut, soak it in a bit of water and cover up its shelter a bit to make the environment more moist if housed indoors.

Why is it bad to get a turtle or tortoise?

Here are the main reasons you shouldn’t get a turtle or tortoise. 1. You Don’t Have Enough Room Like mentioned above, even the smallest turtles and tortoises require a lot of square footage to live happily.

Why does my tortoise go into hiding in the morning?

Temperature changes can make tortoises go into hiding but it can also bring them back out of hiding. When the morning sun comes out, the temperature goes up and they can come scuttling out of a burrow or from under something to soak up some rays. So, keep your eye out when the sun comes up.

Where is the best place to find a missing tortoise?

Tortoises are burrowing animals and the most likely place to find a missing tortoise is not in another city or another person’s yard but underground. If a tortoise can burrow, there’s a pretty good chance that it will burrow. In fact, they can have up to 40 burrows in a single area!

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Is it possible for a tortoise to turn itself over?

Sometimes the panicked flailing is enough to rock a tortoise back onto its feet. If it’s lucky and has a rounder shell, that will happen much faster. If it has a flatter shell, however, it may not be able to flip back over easily.

Why does my red footed tortoise only eat lettuce?

Feeding habits For some reason my Red-Footed tortes only seems to eat lettuce, is this bad for the tortes, and if it is, how can I get it to eat something else without … tortoise on back How long can a tortoise survive when on his back?

Why are so many tortoises dying in the wild?

On the other end of the feeding spectrum is the problem of overfeeding. This almost always happens as a result of worried owners making sure their pets never go hungry. This well-meaning behavior is sweet at its core but detrimental to your tortoise’s health in the long run.