What type of vet works with exotic animals?

Wildlife veterinarians are licensed animal health professionals who specialize in treating many different types of wildlife, including birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. They may work either in a veterinary office setting or in the field.

Do Vets treat exotic animal?

Specializing in Exotic Pet Care While veterinarians theoretically may treat any exotic pet species (as long as that species is legal to own), unless they have advanced postgraduate training, they cannot call themselves bird, small mammal, reptile/amphibian or zoo animal specialists.

Is there an exotic animal vet in Wisconsin?

We proud to have the only board certified zoological medicine specialists for exotic pets in Wisconsin working here at UW Veterinary Care. You can rest assured that our dedicated Special Species Health Service has the expertise and latest technologies to treat your unique pet. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Where can you work as an exotic animal vet?

There are also lots of opportunities for exotic animal veterinarians to work in a wildlife setting. That does not mean all vets go out into the wild. Wildlife rescue facilities require the services of exotic animal veterinarians to treat wounded and ailing wild animals.

What kind of animals do veterinarians take care of?

The majority of veterinarians work with cats, dogs, cows, horses, pigs, sheep and other common pets or farm animals. Pet owners and farmers are not the only people who need veterinary services. Zoos, aquariums, circuses, hobby farms and other organizations hire veterinarians to care for exotic animals.

How long does it take to become an exotic animal veterinarian?

Although you may want to specialize in a specific type of exotic animal, getting general training in exotic animal medicine may help you market your skills when looking for a job. The entire process of becoming a veterinarian for exotic animals takes eight years after your undergraduate degree and can be very expensive.

What is an exotic wildlife veterinarian?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. An exotic animal veterinarian is a veterinarian who has a special interest in the medical treatment of exotic animals. These veterinarians may obtain additional training and certification in areas related to exotic animal medicine.

What is the career of a veterinarian?

Veterinarian Career. The veterinarian, or doctor of veterinary medicine, diagnoses and controls animal diseases, treats sick and injured animals medically and surgically, prevents transmission of animal diseases, and advises owners on proper care of pets and livestock.

What is a farm veterinarian?

These are licensed animal health professionals trained to diagnose and treat illnesses that affect livestock species. They usually make farm calls to visit their patients, often using a customized truck outfitted with the necessary medical equipment.

What is livestock vet?

Livestock veterinarians focus on the health of horses or food animals such as cattle, pigs, and sheep by performing checkups, diagnosing illnesses, prescribing treatments and quarantining animals if necessary.

How do vet techs specialize in exotic animals?

Students interested in becoming exotic animal or wildlife veterinary technicians have to get an associate degree in veterinary technology and take specific courses at the end of the program that focus on exotic animals.