Cockfighting is a blood sport that has been in existence for quite a while. It is one of the sports that you will find and play at s128. Though it is one of the most atrocious events to subject the birds involved, yet many countries around the globe consider it a mainstream activity and part of the culture.

During the fight, the cockerels don’t die but in most instances are exhausted and badly injured that after some time they die. Injuries that they receive include pierced eyes, punctured lungs, deep cuts, and broken bones. When they are fighting, there is no escape even when they get hurt and want to back down from the other cockerel.

The following are some of the shocking things you might have not known about cockfighting.

  • The Cocks Are Normally Armed With Spikes: Naturally, cocks fight with one another to establish mating rights or territory, but when this happens, it is rare to encounter serious injuries as they retract and leave the area when they accept that they have been defeated. But in the cockfighting ring, they are armed with spikes or blades which are normally attached on their feet. The gadgets tear at the skin of the opponent which causes serious injuries especially when it is hard for the opponent to escape.
  • In Preparation For The Fight, Cocks Are Mutilated: As part of their training, the cockerels have their waddles and combs removed to avoid them getting injuries during the fights. This refers to the skin which is atop their head and under their beaks. There are those which end up losing their spurs as it is cut off their legs in the process of attaching the sharp gaffs.
  • Cocking Denotes The Tough One Is The One That Will Survive: The life of a cock which is used for fighting is very tough. This is from the moment when they are hatched all through to the moment when they die. They have to go through very lengthy training that is designed to remove the weaker ones from the batch so that the trainers remain with only the ones which are strong and ferocious. Those which don’t qualify are killed while the ones which are good enough to go through a fight will have to persevere cruel and painful death inside the ring.
  • During Cockfighting, Other Illegal Activities Happen: One reason why people attend cockfights is to bet on them. But behind the scenes at times there are fight organizers and circuit trainers who do their thing to ensure that, a certain cockerel wins. In addition to illegal arrangements, there are also other illegal activities which include drug-taking, gambling, and gangs which are violent.
  • In Some USA States, Cockfighting Is Only Considered As A Misdemeanor: Though at the moment cockfighting is illegal in the USA, there are some states which don’t consider it as a felony and is seen just like a misdemeanor. What it means is that, though it is an activity that is against the law, it is not a serious crime.