Why do Labs die?

Recent studies have however linked neutering to some serious health issues including joint disease and cancer. Both leading causes of illness and death in Labs.

Do chocolate Labs have health problems?

The UK study looked at the vet health records of 33,320 United Kingdom-based Labradors of all colors. The study showed that chocolate Labradors also have a higher incidence of ear infections and skin disease. In addition, some diseases were far more prevalent in chocolate dogs, says McGreevy.

What’s the difference between English lab and American lab?

The British Labs are wider, with fuller chests, thick necks, clearly defined forehead stops, and shorter legs. The American Labs are slimmer, with a narrower head, longer muzzle, longer legs and athletically agile build. The differences between the two Labs goes deeper than height, coat and shape, however.

Are there any health and safety problems in the lab?

Whether you are a lab manager or a researcher, health and safety in the lab is likely an important everyday concern in your workplace. Although every lab has different risks, there are a variety of common problem areas when it comes to health and safety in every lab.

What should I do if my lab has heart disease?

Heart disease is quite common in dogs, especially in older ones. Even healthy dogs can develop the condition but it is still a good practice to keep your Lab up-to-date on vaccinations. Make sure he eats healthy food, drinks lots of water, and gets plenty of exercise.

What to do if your Labrador Retriever has health problems?

While there is no way to ensure your Labrador never develops any of these health conditions, you can take preventive action to lessen your dog’s risk. By staying proactive about your pet’s health, you give him the greatest chance for living a long, happy life.

What kind of heart disease does a lab have?

The most common heart disease in Labs is Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia (TVD). This is a congenital condition and usually affects males. This is present at birth and it is a defect in the valve located on the right side of the heart. The first indications of this disorder are a heart murmur and signs of congestive heart failure.

What are common health problems for labs?

When we think about Labrador Retriever health there are certain illnesses and diseases that we all fear and, whilst Labradors are generally healthy, there are some genetic disorders that they do tend to suffer from. The most common genetic problems for Labs include PRA, Hip Dysplasia and Epilepsy.

What health problems do black labs have?

Black Lab Health Issues. Although black Labs have no health issues due specifically to their color, Labrador Retrievers , in general, have some health concerns you should be aware of. The most common of these is Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD).

What health problems do Labrador Retrievers have?

Labrador retrievers have some health problems which reduce the life span of this pet. Labrador Retrievers major health problems such as osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, gastric torsion, retinal and elbow dysplasia, muscular dystrophy and some minor health issues such as cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy reduce their life span.